Todays text messages

Love the electorates


United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema  and some opposition political leaders should not have hate feelings against President Edgar Lungu because he did not force himself into State House for them to even shun State functions such as Independence celebration and national prayer and fasting. This shows it is not the President they hate but the electorate who voted for him. How does someone hate people they want to lead? Please can you show the electorate good leadership before you are denied another chance in the coming tripartite elections. 

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka



Keep it up miles 


I wish to congratulate Matero member of Parliament Miles Sampa for the Commonwealth Road expansion and the upgrade of Katambalala Market. It really shows that you are a patriotic Matero resident. This expansion is really bringing big businesses to this community, and I urge you to continue. For once, we are feeling we have an MP and a family man concerned with our long time sufferings.

Innocent Kasongole, Lusaka



   Well done opposition


It was good to see key politicians attend a memorial service for late President Michael Sata, which was attended by his family, President Lungu, opposition leaders and others. That man was patriotic. The opposition must look up to him and not use underhand methods to frustrate Government operations as prayers we had will always expose them.

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe



HH is desperate


The call by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema on other political parties to merge leaves much to be desired. Mr Hichilema, Edith Nawakwi of the Forum for Democracy and Development, and Mr Tilyenji Kaunda of United National Independence Party informed UDA and HH was picked as a presidential candidate but lost. There was another pact of Patriotic Front and UPND which ended in a dispute because HH as usual wanted to be on top. And for HH to continue crying that he was robbed of victory is very unreasonable. There were so many organizations using PVT including the post newspaper. The ECZ and the post results were almost the same in favour of Mr Lungu. Why has HH not disputed the post results?

DC, Lusaka



You missed your chance,

HH told


It is interesting to note that HH is talking about a united opposition now. This same opportunity was availed to him previously but mostly be used to rebuff such a move. The only problem is, I see it coming a little too late after people have sampled President Lungu’s leadership qualities. As for Lusaka UPND youth chairman claim that PF has lost popularity in Luapula and the Copperbelt, I will only say that is an ambitious statement. Let us wait and see.

Micky, Lusaka



Lungu is president for

 all Zambians


Shifting of State House to Kitwe is a good idea. Zambia has got 10 provinces and the President is free to shift his office to any province at a time. It is not political as opposed by opposition, he is the father of the nation. Opposition parties and whoever is opposing they have got nothing for Zambians.

Berington Mwaba, Ndola



The cartel has no respect

for God


It has been said by many that the well-known cartel is full of people with very little respect for God. Now we have one who has come openly condemning the declaration of a day of thanks giving as wrong and must be cancelled. Looking at the person who said it one will be quick to conclude why he was chased from his church. The man is a graduated infidel. Hence his banishment from his church. All these people in the cartel must repent, the sooner the better for them, you cannot cheat God.


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  1. Attending state functions and other functions such as prayer and fasting as decreed by the President will not add value to the well being of us the majority poor zambians . We can only encourage celebrations when we have succeeded/ achieved our objectives. How can one celebrate 51 years of independence when 85 % of the population is living below the poverty datum line. In fact the big numbers who hover around on these days just come to look for food. PF and Edgar have brought untold suffering to the majority zambians

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