UPND provocative, says Kapata


THE United Party for National Development (UPND) is being provocative, unreasonable and uncouth in their continued attacks and slander of President Edgar Lungu and Zambians will teach them a lesson in the 2016 general elections, Mandevu Patriotic Front (PF) member of Parliament Jean Kapata has charged.

Ms Kapata said it was shocking that while President Lungu and the PF had continued preaching peace, unity, harmony and reconciliation, the UPND had continued with their politics of bitterness, malice and slander.

She said President Lungu was too decent a leader to engage in hegemonic politics recalling that the Head of State was on record that he did not want his hands to be soiled with political blood.

Ms Kapata who is Tourism and Arts Minister said President Lungu had on countless times preached civil politics and that assertions that the Head of State would kill to win the 2016 general elections were extremely provocative.

She told the Daily Nation that President Lungu won the January presidential election at a time when the opposition political parties and some members of the ruling party had ganged against the Head of State in a bid to remove the ruling party from power.

On Wednesday, UPND special advisor to the president Douglas Syakalima claimed that if President Lungu was ready to spend money to win the general elections next year, then he was equally ready to kill to retain the presidency.

“The UPND has always been provocative in their politics but we understand because they are bitter after their leader failed to win the presidency for the ampteeth time. The UPND started campaigning long before president Sata died and when a presidential election was announced, they were beaming with glee to the prospects of dislodging the PF from government. What they did not know that God had destined President Lungu…and let them know that the President is too decent a leader to engage in less than civil politics,” Ms Kapata said.

She said the UPND celebrated when there was a presidential election following the death of president Michael Sata because their desire was to have the PF be the only political party in the history of the country to have governed the country for only three years.

Ms Kapata said during the transition, the PF was deeply divided and was at its weakest point but God through Zambians had destined President Lungu to take over from late president Sata.

She stated that the UPND had failed to defeat the PF at the time the ruling party was going through internal turbulences and it was going to be extremely difficult for the opposition political party to be a threat to the PF victory next year.

“The UPND is particularly popular on social media and especially on one online publication and they are being misled that they can win an election. The situation on the ground is very different because not so many Zambians have time for social media. In Mandevu Constituency, how many people can find time to be on social media? We are going to campaign aggressively now that we are solidly in control. So let them continue campaigning on social media and we are going to be on the ground meeting and interacting with real people,” Ms Kapata said.

One thought on “UPND provocative, says Kapata

  1. Cde. Hon Jean Kapata stop day dreaming . The simple fact that you and your Edgar Lungu have failed to provide leadership is good reason to get rid of you and your party PF from rulership. you have already decampaigned your selves failing to make decisions on so many issues affecting us the majority poor zambians. Please stop throwing pebbles at UPND otherwise you’ll fail to duck rocks when thrown at you. You must be careful what you say from now because you’re no longer a people’s choice.

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