Chinese mine clears Kamba

CHINA Copper Mine (CCM) has rubbished reports that Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Province youth chairman Kennedy Kamba was involved in the controversy that has erupted between the Chinese mine company and Tikumbe over the ownership of the mine.

China Copper Mine spokesperson Kenneth Kaira said it was not true that the Lusaka Province PF youth leader had summoned the mine’s directors in Lusaka for a meeting at which it has been alleged that some businessmen demand that CCM should be sold.

Mr Kaira said he had never met Mr Kamba and did not know him and that assertions that the PF youth strongman was part of the meeting CCM had with the owners of Tikumbe were unfounded and only meant to push an agenda he did not know.

He told the Daily Nation that he did not tell the Post Newspaper that Mr Kamba had organized a meeting at which CCM directors were told to explain the operations of their mine and to consider selling their mining business to Tikumbe.

Mr Kaira wondered why the Post had included the name of President Edgar Lungu because in his statement, he did not say the businessmen that met CCM management were agents of the Head of State.

He said while part of the contents of the story headlined ‘They’re after our mine’ in yesterday’s edition of the Post Newspaper were true, it was surprising that the author of the story had included the name of Mr Kamba who was never part of the meeting.

Mr Kaira alleged that the Post Newspaper deliberately misquoted him and put words in his mouth because the newspaper was allegedly pushing an agenda against Mr Kamba.

“I am surprised that I have been quoted as saying that Mr Kamba, the PF Lusaka youth chairman summoned the directors of CCM for meeting attended by businessmen. That is a misquotation because I did not mention the name of Mr Kamba in the story. Most of the contents of the story is true and it is correct   that Mr Soko attended that meeting. I did not see Mr Kamba and I think the Post has a personal problem with Mr Kamba. They probably have an agenda against him and I am looking for the Post reporter as I am talking to you,” Mr Kaira said.

And Mr Kamba said he was shocked to be linked to a business meeting he did not attend and did not know anything about.

Mr Kamba said he did not understand why his name was mentioned in a business meeting he did not attend and that demanded that the China Copper Mine should correct the report about him.

When told that Mr Kaira, the CCM spokesperson had denied ever accusing him of summoning the Chinese mine directors for a meeting, Mr Kamba said alleged that the Post Newspaper had been pushing an agenda against him.

Mr Kamba challenged the Post to produce evidence to prove that he had summoned the CCM directors for a meeting stating that he did not know the owners of the mine and was not involved in any mining business.

“I am shocked that my name has been mentioned that i was part of a business meeting between CCM and Tikumbe Investment which I did not organize or attend. I do not know the owners of CCM and I do not know anything about Neria Investment. I do not have much to say but the mine should ask the Post Newspaper why they included my name in their story. I have always known that the Post are pushing some agenda against me for reasons I do not know,” Mr Kamba said.