I’ll win 2016-HH

“I don’t need to campaign, I will win next year’s election because the PF has de-campaigned itself, it has disappointed the people of Zambia because of high poverty levels,” says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

In an interview with the Daily Nation Mr. Hichilema said come next year’s tripartite elections, the PF and President Edgar Lungu would be easy to beat because the people of Zambia were angry and bitter with the high levels of poverty among other things.

He said he would win next year’s election because his message of wealth creation and job provision unemployed Zambians had reached their hearts after seeing how the PF had failed to provide.

“We are a clear alternative political organisation to the PF and we shall provide what we have promised the people of Zambia unlike our friends’ in the PF whose interest is to eat and put more money in their pockets without looking at the needs of the nation first,” Mr. Hichilema said.

He said his hope to become President of Zambia was clear, given the current challenges in the country.

Mr Hichilema said it was a known fact that the PF would not be able to resolve  the current economic and social challenges the country was experiencing.

He said the high cost of living, failure to deal with the energy deficit, the volatility of the kwacha; high fertilizer and fuel prices were some of the things which would haunt the ruling party in 2016.

“Most people have confessed that they made a mistake to vote for the PF during the 20th January elections.  They have agreed with our earlier warning about the PF’s failures,” Mr Hichilema said.

He said most Zambians were living in abject poverty not because the nation was a poor country but because their leaders were unable to provide solutions and offer hope for the future of the country.

Mr. Hichilema said it was important that next year a new government with the capacity to offer new dimension of doing things in responding to the challenges the nation was facing was voted into power.

“We shall ensure that we diversify the economy and not what the PF government is doing or talking about. Let me win next year’s election and be made President of this country, ours is to provide service to the people of Zambia,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said if Zambians decided to vote back the PF next year, they should expect the worst in the history of the country.

He said it was time the people of Zambia did something right if they wanted to live decent lives.

“It’s not about me being President but the people of Zambia giving us that great opportunity to play a different ball game in their lives to bring change and I am not talking about just mere change but economic and social change which the PF has failed to make.  Life under the PF has been miserable I know even people in the PF are able to feel it,” he said.




3 thoughts on “I’ll win 2016-HH

    I still have fond memories when, in the 1980s, Unza authorities developed a 1st-Year course on African Studies specifically for science students. The course was meant to instil intellectual prowess for science, medical, and engineering students to analyse political and social issues. Generally, education has empowered many Zambians to critically analyse current national issues.

    HH’s claims that he will win the 2016 Presidential elections is a fateful “MYTH”. His claims that ‘PF would not resolve current economic and social challenges’ is the same rhetoric he meted out to President Mwanawasa – yet he lost because Zambians analysed his hidden regional agendas. Curiously, HH is praying to win the 2016 elections and be made President because in his own words he claims that: “ours is to provide service to the people of Zambia.” Which people of Zambia does HH have in his mind?

    Reasons for not believing HH pronouncements are as follows:
    (1) HH was instrumental in discarding Patrick Chisanga (northerner), Bob Sichinga (north-easterner) and Sakwiba Sikota (westerner) from UPND after the death of Anderson Mazoka. HH has never sought reconciliation with these three men to achieve his national posture.
    (2) The January 2015 Presidential elections shocked Zambians because HH was exposed for exhibiting an affinity for Tongas who overwhelmingly voted for UPND to the exclusion of leaders from other regions. This time around HH exploited the meek Lozis, Lundas and Luvales as pawns to claim his national appeal.
    (3) Prior to the Jan. 2015 Presidential elections, selected academics such as a Mweene at Unza and a Habazoka and a Siampungani at CBU were prominent active campaigners for HH’s presidency. These three academics were even bragging that if HH wins the Presidency, he would be made to decree the firing of non-Tonga principal management executives at Unza and CBU to be replaced by Tongas and their tribal cousins.
    (4) When HH lost to Edgar Lungu, he (HH) resorted to organising coordinated disruptions at Unza, Mulungushi and CBU. We can only speculate the genesis of the fate that befell on Prof. Simkanga and Prof. Ngoma at Unza and CBU respectively.
    (5) Besides, Tonga’s threat to cut off Southern Province from Zambia is still fresh in the minds of many Zambians.

    Since Zambians have been empowered with education, they are now able to analyse HH’s character and detect his deceptions to the peoples of Zambia. Therefore, it is for these above reasons that HH will be the greatest loser in 2016.

  2. But some economic problems in the country are caused by those believed to be in the UPND. we fear voting for the party, not because of its popularity but because we have been looted of our belongings by people believed to be in the UPND as well as those serving in PF. This country if full of people who do not think about developement but they squander what others come back home with from the diaspora.

    I urge the two parties PF and UPND to be clear as to how they will safeguard our investments from thefts and destructions by their cadres, otherwise, people ought to think twice before wasting their votes to any of the two parties.

    So people should be careful in 2016 with whom to give their votes to. After working so hard, others just steal from you because of the parties they belong to. How can one vote in such a situation? Who is plundering the Zambian resources??

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