Letters to the Editor

ZRA shocks soccer fan

I was shocked to learn that Zambia Revenue Authority raided and closed football house over a debt of K1million, when the same authority failed to close down the Post Newspaper which owed more than K20million.

What kind of justice or hypocrisy is this?

FAZ is a nonprofit organization that serves public interest by promoting soccer a game that this country loves very dearly.

Everyone knows that this organization has been suffering from Government underfunding and lack of alternative sources of income. The same thing can be said about Government newspapers which were being forced to carry Government advertising and news without matching investment from the Government. It would be folly for the Government to pounce on itself.

FAZ falls into the same category. This is an organization that serves the best interest of all Zambians, unlike other organizations working for the downfall of the country.

Why should ZRA show such duplicity by pouncing on a nonprofit while sparing a profit organization that has been delinquent with huge amounts of money outstanding.

It is this kind of double standards that has eroded the trust and confidence that state institutions used to enjoy. These days some organizations can get away with anything including serious crime because they are well connected.

ZRA must redeem itself in this matter. Why pounce on FAZ and  not Post?

Ezra Kaoma

Inflation doubles

This matter needs to be brought up in parliament more that now parliament is debating the 2016 budget. Does the 2016 budget take care of the GAPS that these deficits have brought to the treasury?

The worry should not even be a deficit of K1.82 billion but that that this is from a surplus of K1.5 billion in 2011.   This deficit does not include the repayments for the bonds issued since 2012 todate. Despite this gloomy picture some quarters of society say all is well and economy is on the right track.

We definitely can not attribute this decline to the fallen copper prices as the decline started way back in 2011.

L. Likando

Reader nods Lungu’s decisions

The decisions that President Edgar Lungu has made in the recent weeks such as the declaration of October 18 as a national day of prayer to be celebrated annually and the subsequent commissioning of the construction of the National Cathedral have revealed the man’s unique leadership qualities.

Besides that, his decision to move State House to the Copperbelt is an act of a man of abundant wisdom. During crisis, chief executive officers must quickly come in and find solutions with the parties involved. That is exactly what the chief executive officer of the enterprise called Zambia should do and everyone on the Copperbelt should be more resolved to support him. This is what those in the opposition should learn from President Lungu. The people do not care what you know until they know that you care.

I wish to appeal to President Lungu not to relent in his efforts to transform the politics and the outlook of Zambia through smart objectives he has set in his national vision.

Zambians know that the economic problems we are facing are not as a result of President Lungu’s leadership style but as a global recession. But this does not mean that we should sit back. We should treat the issue of diversification of our economy with the enthusiasm it deserved. Let us develop a proper irrigation policy so that the growing of maize and other cash crops is done throughout the year to increase foreign earnings from the exports of such crops. To succeed in all these ideas the president has for Zambia, he needs to substitute some of his cabinet ministers and their deputies who do not seem to take responsibility of the performance of their ministries.

President Lungu is our hope for a prosperous Zambia. We will feel betrayed if he will continue to allow the cartel to influence the hiking of the essential goods through their friends in associations. He must ruthlessly deal with the cartel’s agents who are still in government. Zambians as Christians will continue to pray for his health. Lastly, I wish to commend his press aide Mr Amos Chanda for the mature and effective way of handling issues of governance.

Enock Chulu