Mine owners welcome Africa vision


Governments’ decision to spearhead the formulation of mine policy in line with the African Vision will create an enabling environment for mines to operate, says Zambia Chamber of mines (ZCM) president Nathan Chishimba.

He said policy consistency would increase Governments revenue collection and benefit all Zambians.

Mr Chishimba said most mines in Africa and Zambia in particular deserved better consistent policies.

He said this would enable Government to think of mining as a long term investment which needed consistent policies unlike the current scenario where mining was considered as a short term investment.

“It is a welcome idea because it is about time that people started looking at mining as a long term investment and not as a short term investment. In mining, the range of activities are involving and so large that you have to take a long term view. So it is not a five or ten year view, it is a long term view,

“Most mines in Africa and Zambia to be precise have been around for more than benefit better as a country rather than planning for short term medium,” he said. Mr Chishimba said the move by Government would help shape the country and consider mining houses as long term partners for economic development.

“ZCM welcomes it because it will help us shape the country and stop thinking of mines as short term investment but as long terms partners for development,

“The move especially that there have been inconsistency in mining policies from the Government will also enable Government to consider mines to be long terms partners for development,” he said.

Mr Chishimba further said as long as the process involved stakeholders, ZCM would participate and encourage Government.

“As long as the vision of that development involves stakeholders and it’s consistent, we will greatly participate and we encourage it,” he said. Recently, Mines and Minerals Development Deputy Minister Richard Musukwa told Parliament that Government would soon spearhead the formulation of a country mining vision which would be in line with the African vision.