Negative politicians shock Mpombo

Politicians celebrating and pushing for the closures of  mines  for the people to lose confidence in  President Lungu’s leadership have shocked  People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president George Mpombo.

Mr. Mpondbo has commended President Lungu for visiting the Copperbelt stating that hard times required critical and tough decisions to be made.

He said President Edgar Lungu’s working visit to the Copperbelt Province had eased tension among the people over the impending job losses in the mines.

In an interview yesterday, Dr. Mpombo said there was tension mounting on the Copperbelt as a result of the impending job losses as a result of threats by mine owners to shut down operations.

He said, however, President Lungu’s visit to the province had eased the tension and put in hope and a smile on the faces of the poor Zambians whose economic activities depended entirely on the continued operations of the mines.

Dr. Mpombo said President Lungu had shown ‘‘rare leadership pedigree’’ by going to the Copperbelt to ascertain the situation on the ground and calm the people down before any decision on job cuts in the mines by investors could be effected.

“What President Lungu has done is holding the bull by its horns. It is true that the situation on the ground on the Copperbelt was not good for the PF. The situation was bad but the visit of the President and his working from there where he has held various meetings with stakeholders is a plus on his leadership.

‘‘President Lungu has shown leadership; it has changed the perception of the PF,” he said.

Dr. Mpombo said President Lungu made a bold decision to shift State House from Lusaka to the Copperbelt and see for himself what was pertaining on the ground and offer solutions rather than waiting for reports from the governance system.

“I have to be honest; the situation on the Copperbelt was volatile for President Lungu. As you can see the opposition made it its hunting ground by disparaging the President that he had failed and the people started believing them. But the moment the President faced the people on the Copperbelt, the situation changed,” said Dr. Mpombo.

And Dr Mpombo said it was shocking that the economic crisis the country was facing and the impending job cuts in the mines and in other sectors of the economy had become a political blessing in disguise for the opposition who were chanting and wishing the crisis to continue in order to push the PF out of government next year.

He said the crisis the country had found itself in was not something people should celebrate about; adding that it had affected everyone and the efforts President Lungu was showing in addressing the problem should be supported by all well-meaning Zambians.

“Let’s move away from politics of wanting one to fail and we take over from failures recorded. For me I would love to rule or to become a President in a country which is economically and politically stable,” Dr. Mpombo said.

He said Government and those outside Government should work together to address the problems the nation was experiencing.

‘‘So if the opposition is hoping to exist out of the PF failures, I can rest assure you that they will not form government next year because Zambians would have tested them already and saw that they were not fit to be in government,” he said.