Change camp, North-westerners told

North-Westerners have been asked to change their political inclination by supporting a party in Government that cares for them rather than sticking to the opposition which encourages them to remain isolated former UPND vice president Richard Kapita has  said.

Mr. Kapita said UPND was ‘‘a time waster’’ and people who were serious about development of the country should consider joining the team in power because it had shown the desire to better the lives of the people of Zambia and those of North-Western Province in particular.

“The UPND could have been in power now if its leadership was genuine with what they preach about. But to tell you the truth, UPND is just a time waster for serious people.

‘‘People who are serious for development and want to resolve challenges the nation is facing work with the party in power so that they contribute effectively to policy and national agenda,” he said.

In an interview, Mr. Kapita said for a long time now North-Western Province has ‘‘lagged behind and backwards’’ in development because of supporting the opposition, whose agenda was to isolate the people in the region from the rest of the country.

He said it was strange that despite President Edgar Lungu making the province a priority through development and improving the livelihoods of the people in the area, there were some elements agitating against the goodwill the Head of State had shown to the area.

“This issue of opposition UPND in North-Western Province misleading people is working against the will of the people in the province because it is making them remain poor compared to other areas where they have accepted the party in Government.

‘‘Believe me or not my province will continue to remain poor if they don’t change their political mindset. It is time they worked with Government and foster development by voting for President Edgar Lungu in next year’s general elections,” said Mr. Kapita.

Mr. Kapita, who is now PF member of the central committee, said since Independence, President Lungu was the only leader who has shown interest in changing the way of life for the people in the region, adding that the Head of States wanted to carry together with him the province as one.

He said it was, however, strange that the opposition UPND were making the efforts by President Lungu to unify the country through working together not to be appreciated.

“People in the region are not bad people the way the UPND wants them to look. We are a good people who are so thankful to President Lungu’s effort in making our region to be a centre of developmental attraction,” said Mr. Kapita.

Mr. Kapita appealed to North-Westerners to abandon the UPND and join President Lungu who had shown the desire to work with everyone in the country to develop the nation.

He said it was time for the people in the province to put development first rather than politicking and following the UPND blindly on the basis of Tongas being their tribal cousins, adding that the UPND had no capacity or agenda to improve the lives of the people.

“If my former political party I served for over 10 years had the programme for the nation, if they had a non-tribal agenda, if they had an economic programme which will unite the people of Zambia, UPND would have formed government a long time ago.

‘‘UPND has lost so many opportunities to be in government because of wanting to work alone. It is a political organisation for the elite.

They have no respect or attention for the people. What they are doing now is just politicking, if you want to try them do it at your own peril,” said Mr. Kapita.

Mr. Kapita said all efforts since UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema took over the reins of the party, the opposition political party has failed to work with other parties because of self-centeredness and divide and rule tactics.

3 thoughts on “Change camp, North-westerners told

  1. Shame on you Richard Kapita . Are you ware that the entire nation knows too well that you Richard you’re number one contributor to all the ills the people of this country are going through because of the votes you helped PF steal in January2015 presidential by elections. Not Zambian with the right frame of mind can ever again listen to such a spin doctor like you.

  2. Richard Kapita when defecting to PF promised to deliver N/W province to PF,now he has been rejected by the people of N/W.

  3. No other words can make your speech more perfect and true. upnd is just a time waster…just like the Post newspaper and it’s mmembe & kabimbi in the rainballs party.
    National Development only depends on what has been already started by PF. All these othersparties are ba mbuli they have nothing to offer. No wonder the people of Zambia resolved in 2011 that PF be given the mandate… Infact PF is doing things despite the global challenges. All Zambians should stick to the resolve of 2011. God has already chosen the PF leadership for the resolved National Development. Just let the opposition talk because that is what they know better and have great experience in it. hh talks economics which PF practices. They always talk about no money juist like the MMD who did literally nothing in 20 years. MMD worked with hh to sell all the companies UNIP had made. So we should be very careful when we vote just in few months to come 2016. ECL chabe nafuti nafuti…

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