12 ex-service chiefs sue State


Twelve retired commanders of Zambia’s defence and security services  since Independence have sued the Government, demanding to be included in the new retirement package for service chiefs.

The generals, including Zambia’s first indigenous army commander Kingsley Chinkuli, claim that the Government is discriminating them in the implementation of improved retirement benefits for service chiefs and the directors of Zambia Intelligence Services (Special Division).

The court action, led by former Zambia Air Force and Zambia National Defence Force commander,  General Peter Zuze, wants the Attorney General  to respond to the summons by the plaintiffs within 14 days.

Gen Zuze and the 11 others claim that they must be included in the new conditions of service for retired defence and security chiefs because they were the ones who initiated the retirement reforms which have been granted to the serving commanders of Zambia’s defence force.

This was filed in the Lusaka High Court by Gen Zuze and the 11 ex-chiefs who include Gen Chinkuli, General  B.N Mibenge, General Malimba Masheke, General Francis Sibamba, General S.L Simbeye , Lt-General Mumbi , Lt-General   H.R.C. Simutowe, Lt-General Ronney Shikapwasha, Major General Tom Fara and  two directors-general (Special Division) Mr W.J.  Phiri and Mr Paul Malukutila.

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  1. So all those Zesco union guys and management in the 70s who demanded and worked to bring good conditions of service to Zesco workers should today be compensated. Indeed the former service chiefs are retired in all aspects.

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