Enhanced livestock production to empower small-scale farmers


LIVESTOCK farming is an alternative in implementing diversification to empower small-scale farmers in all parts of Zambia.

Central Province livestock farmers’ representative Benard Mwiinga said improving access to veterinary services, especially in rural areas, would contribute to an increase in livestock production.

“We want to thank the institutions that are working tirelessly and supporting farming activities in this country, especially for us farmers in rural areas,” he said.

He said farmers should take advantage of the initiatives aimed at improving crop yields and livestock farming in Zambia.

Mr Mwiinga said there was need to enhance the capacity of both the public and private sectors in order to improve service delivery to smallholder farmers.

And a company known as NWK with other partners last week launched its  first-ever cattle spray races and care products in Mumbwa district.

NWK director of strategy Rob Munro said the Swedish embassy in Lusaka and the British government’s DFID in Zambia wanted to improve access to veterinary drugs, services and genetics and nutrition products to smallholder livestock farmers in remote areas where many companies find it difficult to operate.

Mr Munro said this intervention would equip farmers with technical knowledge and training in management practices to help them make the most of their livestock business.

He said the effort between the private sector and the Government would enhance national food and nutritional security in Zambia.

NWK, alongside Musika, a farmer support non-governmental organization, recognized the large number of cattle in Mumbwa district and the lack of access to standardized spray races for successful cattle farming.

The two organizations have taken the initiative to build six spray pens at locations near sheds and high density cattle farmer clusters.

And NWK has selected two veterinary assistants and had them trained by AgriServe to professionally handle and undertake responsibility of these spray races.

Some of the areas benefiting from these new livestock services include Mvumbe, Mooye, Nangoma, Shinoma, Moono and Choombwa in Mumbwa district.