Man exhumes human remains from grave


POLICE in Kabwe have arrested a 67-year-old man after he was found exhuming human remains from a grave at Mukobeko cemetery.

Cyrus Matabalika of Shamabanse compound was caught in the act by passers-by in the early hours of Wednesday when he was found with a human skeleton which he allegedly dug out of one of the graves at the local cemetery.

Central Province Commissioner of Police Lombe Kamukoshi confirmed the bizarre incident and expressed worry and shock over the matter.

Ms Kamukoshi said that a graveyard was a sacred place and that Matabalika was currently in detention and would be slapped with appropriate charges before being taken to court.

“It is unfortunate that we have such bizarre acts; we have him in police custody and would soon charge him with the appropriate offence because the graveyard is a very sacred place and it is saddening for such bizarre acts to be taking place,” she said.   Asked by his captors why he exhumed the body, Matabalika allegedly said he decided to exhume the body of his nephew,  a former soldier, so that he could feed him even in death.

“The man told us that he has been bringing his late nephew bread but that rats had been eating it so he wanted to exhume the remains so that the dead man could also eat,” one of the eye-witnesses  said.

The passers-by then alerted other people who came to the scene. Matabalika jumped on his bicycle and attempted to flee the scene but was overpowered, apprehended and taken to Kasanda police station where he is detained.

Meanwhile, Ms Kamukoshi said a 12-year-old girl died at Kabwe General Hospital after she was allegedly defiled by a gang of seven men who later dumped her into a pit latrine after she became unconscious.

The victim of Katondo compound was found unconscious in a pit latrine and was rushed to hospital where she died hours later.

Police have launched a manhunt for her killers.