‘No one booed President Lungu’


NO one booed President Edgar Lungu when he was on the Copperbelt, says Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri.

Ms Phiri accused the Post newspaper which reported the incident of twisting stories to suit their own agenda.

She said the Post story was a ‘‘total fabrication and misrepresentation of what transpired’’ during the whole period President Lungu was on the Copperbelt as no single person booed him because people were happy to see him in person and to acquaint himself with the challenges they were facing.

She said it was shameful that the Post newspaper had ‘‘embarked on publishing lies’’ in order to brand President Lungu a bad person simply because he had ‘‘cracked a whip’’ on the cartel for its wrongs.

She said she was with the President throughout his stay on the Copperbelt and that at no time was he booed as reported by the tabloid.

She was not surprised that the paper misrepresented the President’s visit on the Copperbelt because it had an agenda against him  for taking a bold stance to ‘‘give the cartel no room to manipulate the Government to suit itself’’.

“What else can you expect from the Post newspaper? It is lies as usual because it has an agenda against Government and the President and that is how come it finds it easy to report things that have never happened so that people can think that the President is not wanted on the Copperbelt.

“The truth of the matter is that we were  well-received and the crowds that thronged our gatherings are testimony to the fact that contrary to insinuations that the PF is losing grip on the Copperbelt, people have hope in this leadership. So, for me I never heard anyone booing the President; it is all lies,” Ms. Phiri said.

She explained that people on the Copperbelt will not be fooled by cheap propaganda, malice and lies allegedly being peddled by the tabloid because they understood that the challenges facing the country were as a result of the slump in global market prices for copper which was the main export commodity for Zambia.

In its yesterday’s edition, the Post newspaper reported that President Lungu was booed by miners in Luanshya on Tuesday when he addressed them over the need for the Baluba mine to increase their allowances.

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  1. We are equally not surprised that this is coming from the loose Canon Mumbi Phiri .as if she was the only one there with Edgar. We were also present at the Luanshya meeting and president was effectively Booed by the people present at the meeting

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