A Chinese national who was caught red handed making love to a married woman walked away to his freedom after the local court dismissed the adultery case against him because the complainant did not pay dowry for his marriage

This is in a case in which Stephano Mwale, 30, of John Laing compound sued Lee Min, 28, of City Garden Village for committing adultery with his wife, Astrida Zimba, 28.

Mwale told Senior Court Magistrate Sarah Nyendwa sitting at Kanyama Local Court that Zimba left matrimonial home on September 2,after telling her mother that she was going to Choma for some business.

He explained that Zimba did not return home but was found in Min’s house making love with him on October 28, at 22.00 hours.

Mwale reported his findings to police who later detained both Min and Zimba but was surprised in the morning to find that only Min was released.

“Zimba was working with Min. I married her in 2008 and we have two children but she left the matrimonial home after we differed over Min after he came to look for her,” said Mwale.

Mwale admitted having not paid dowry.

In defence, Min said he knew Zimba in October 2015 for she was working as a cleaner where he works and denied being found making love in his room.

Asked by Mwale why he took him to police station, Min said that he did know the reason  why. Zimba testified that when she was coming from Choma she arrived late in Lusaka and Min phoned her to inform her that he was unwell.

Zimba further told the court that Min was her boyfriend and that Mwale was the father of her children.

Zimba’s mother, Naomi Nyirongo said that Mwale did not pay dowry but just paid for damage after  he eloped with her dauther.

Magistrate Nyendwa said that there was sufficient evidence that Min and Zimba were caught in a room making love but dismissed the case because dowry was not paid.

She however advised Zimba to behave herself  because Chinese men did  not marry  Zambian women.


  1. Why is it like this in zambia. Do you tell me if a zambian was found in such a scene in china could he let walk free out of court and stay in a country?

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