Court tells couple to enjoy conjugal rights

A Local court has advised a Lusaka couple to start sleeping together and to be making love every day after it reconciled the couple.

This was in a matter in which Marjory Mukongolwa, 45, of old Kanyama compound sued her husband, Mutelo Kamutumwa, 51, for reconciliation.

The two got married in 1989 and have seven children. Dowry was paid.

Mukongolwa told Senior Court Magistrate Daniel Phiri sitting with Magistrates Sarah Nyendwa and Ackim Phiri at Kanyama Local Court that she brought Kamutumwa to court because he was womanizer.

She told the court that Kamutumwa would disappear from home  for a week after getting paid,

Mukongolwa further stated that Kamutumwa receives phone calls from different women and that when she asked him he told her they were his workmates.

In cross-examination, Mukongolwa said that it was Kamutumwa’s phone which made her know that he was a womanizer.

Asked by the court what she wanted, Mukongolwa said that she was tired of Kamutumwa and wanted to divorce him.

In defence, Kamutumwa said that problems started when Mukongolwa came from the village where she stayed for two months.

She refused to share her new mattress with Kamutumwa  and later threatened to pour urine on her husband.

Kamutumwa explained that they had not made love for three months because Mukongolwa did want him to sleep on her mattress.

In submission, Mukongolwa said that she loved Kamutumwa and that she wanted the court to teach him some manners.

Kamutumwa  also said that he loved Mukongolwa butwantd her to respect him because she insulted him in the presence of children.

The couple asked for forgiveness from each other and they forgave each other after the court asked them to do so.

Magistrate Daniel Phiri reconciled the couple and  advised them to start sleeping  together and to be making love .