The Zambia Co-operative Federation’s decision to produce and sell mealie meal at as low as K45 per 25 kilogramme bag is commendable, the Zambia Consumer Association has said.

ZACA publicity and information secretary Juba Sakala said they were delighted at the decision by ZCF to bring competition to the mealie meal through the provision of cheaper commodity.

Mr Sakala said with so much confusion over the price of maize and subsequently of mealie meal in the country, it had become imperative that organisations such as the ZCF took up a role in the provision of cheaper mealie meal for the people.

He said most small scale maize farmers belonged to cooperatives where they provided stokes before being sold to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), private millers and other maize dealers in the country.

“ZACA is delighted that ZCF has started producing mealie meal and selling it as low as K45. As ZACA we hope ZCF will spread its wings quickly to all provincial centres or appoint agents so that most  consumers can have access to it at the price of between K45 and K65,” he said.

Mr Sakala explained that FRA should give ZCF enough maize at a reasonable price so that consumers could enjoy affordable mealie meal in Zambia.

He said the move would definitely lower the price of mealie meal which had become unaffordable to most consumers in the country.

Mealie is a major component of Zambia’s food menu used for nshima, as well as porridge and also in the making of the traditional drink munkoyo or maheu respectively.


  1. Efyo twalelanda ati ubunga ma plan fye aya ba PF eyakabomba epela. If the price is already coming down before the Districts Co-operatives start operating, then PF has the answer to cheap mealie meal. Same with load shedding. It is to end sooner the rains fall and extra electricity when the planned solar power generating stations start. So the mines should start their production. In-fact the PF Government should take over one mine and employ Zambians only to compete with the so called investors.
    The PF government should therefore continue with the infrastructure development as the case now…this time at a faster speed. We want the rural areas developed to better standards. ECL fye epela nafuti nafuti.

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