Conclude Post shooting probe-PF

POLICE should inform Zambians about the findings of the forensic investigation into the shooting incident at the Post Newspaper last month, the Patriotic Front (PF) has said.

PF media committee vice chairman Sunday Chanda said it was important for the Zambia Police to ‘‘logically conclude’’ their investigations and avoid creating a wrong impression that the police had deliberately failed to fully conduct their investigations.

Mr Chanda said the shooting that took place at the Post more than one and a half months ago was of public interest and the police should therefore not be seen to be procrastinating in concluding their investigations.

He said the PF was concerned that the police had not issued any statement on the investigations because some opposition political leader visited the Post Newspaper soon after the shooting and drugged President Edgar Lungu’s name into the matter.

Yesterday, Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani promised that sheshould be able to issue a statement today after getting an update on the state of the investigations. But Mr Chanda said there was a concern that the forensic investigations were taking longer than expected, thereby creating anxieties among Zambians.

He said the Post Newspaper workers particularly journalists were traumatized by the shooting in the newsroom and it was therefore important for them to know the circumstances under which the shooting took place.

“With due respect to the Zambia Police and their independence in carrying out their duties, the shooting incident at the Post Newspaper was a public matter. As you may remember, there were a lot of insinuations and some opposition political party leaders even accused President Lungu of having sent assassins to the Post to justify certain insinuations.

‘’The Zambia Police should therefore tell Zambians about their findings and their silence might be misconstrued to mean that they are deliberately procrastinating. We want to know the truth and our colleagues at the Post especially the journalists were traumatized by that shooting and would want to know who attempted to kill them,” Mr Chanda said.

Mr Chanda said the shooting at the Post was highly politicized by some opposition political parties and there was need to know the truth of what transpired.

He said the Zambia Police had a duty to logically conclude the investigations into the shooting incidence at the Post and let Zambians know what could have happened.

Mr Chanda said what was displeasing was that President Lungu’s name was drugged into the shooting incidence and that the PF was eager to know the outcome of the investigations.

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  1. You’re worrying about the shooting at post news company which has to involve forensic experts . Why not ask police to conclude the Davis Chama (PF SG)/ Mulobezi constituency by election shoot out. The police must dispose off this issue

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