Letters to the Editor

Lumwana Radiants wins kudos

I write to congratulate Lumwana Radiants on their promotion to the elite division in Zambia.

This is the team that against all odds set a record by becoming the first team from North-Western Province to play in the only Silverware tournament-the Barclays Cup. As if that was not enough, it has become the first team from that region to contribute a player to Under 23 National Team and now it is the first team from North- Western to be promoted to super Division. They really deserve to be in this elite League, but do they have the stamina both financially and physically to stay in this prestigious division? Is their home ground approved to host premier football? Can Management work on the above issues , otherwise we don’t want the boys just to “visit” but to stay, just as Mighty and Nkwazi have made their intentions known. We also don’t want them to be playing their home games on the Copper belt. Let the people of Solwezi enjoy the benefits of their team’s promotion. Once more, all the best Boys. The ball is in your court, decide to keep it or throw it.



Edith Nawakwi puzzling

Edith Nawakwi, the Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development  president, never ceases to amaze me. In the first place, she condemned the Government when it embarked on massive road and other infrastructure development.

She said the monies should have been used to build student hostels at UNZA. Now the Government wants to set up over 2000 solar powered milling plants in all districts to create employment and reduce rising mealie -meal prices, she opposes this noble move.

She says those monies could be used for constructing more schools and clinic or give farmers inputs to produce more maize. For a long time now our farmers have been dependant on Government for inputs, but they NEVER graduate into commercial or emerging farmers. They are year in and year out asking Government for subsidies. One day, the Government will have no money to give them inputs and they will cry foul. A Chinese saying goes; “Give a Man Fish and he will eat Fish for one day, Teach a man how to Fish, and he will eat for the rest of his life”.

This is what is happening to our Farmers. Can we see them Graduate and let new one take over as subsistence farmers other seeing the same old faces queuing up for inputs and never graduate from “Begging”.