Poultry hits phenomenal growth

THE poultry production in Zambia exceeded 1 billion eggs in 2014, according to AgriPro Focus Zambia market study report on poultry.

According to the agri-business support organization’s October newsletter, the study determined that Zambia maintained various agriculture incentives to spur sector investment and growth.

The report indicated that the Dutch embassy in conjunction with AgriPro Focus Zambia and the Poultry Association of Zambia commissioned a market study to highlight the opportunities in the Zambian poultry industry.

Zambia’s poultry sector accounts for 4.8 percent of agriculture gross domestic product, and shared 48 percent of the livestock sector.

Findings of the study indicated that poultry production exceeded 1 billion eggs in 2014, with a total of 73 million broilers that were produced.

According to the report, the poultry industry has been consistently growing since 2000 at annual rates of 8 percent and 10 percent for broilers and layers respectively.

Poultry production was underpinned by small and medium producers that operated 60 percent of poultry production farms, despite those small farms lacking investment to increase and modernize production and add value.

This phenomenal growth was attributed to the demand and supply side factors which include increasing human population, rising disposable incomes consolidated by the expanding middle class and rapid urbanization with higher taste for chicken meat.

The study indicated that the supply side factors were the tremendous advances in poultry breeding, production and processing propelled by the introduction of modern technology.

As a strategy to contribute to improved investment and competitiveness of the Zambian poultry industry, the Dutch embassy in Zimbabwe in conjunction with AgriPro Focus Zambia and the Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ) commissioned this market study on investment opportunities to encourage Dutch businesses that have interest in investing in the Zambian poultry industry to stimulate international trade between the two countries.

“PAZ 2014 annual report revealed that the poultry sector provide direct and indirect employment to 80,000 people with 50,000 in permanent jobs and 30,000 seasonal employees, and the report further records that poultry production in 2014 reached over 1 billion eggs and 73 million broilers.”

In Zambia, commercial farmers and cooperatives were the major poultry breeders including Hybrid Poultry (Z) Ltd, Ross Breeders (Z) Ltd, Bokomo (Z) Ltd, Tiger Chicks Ltd and Panda Hill hatchery.

And Zambeef Products Limited in partnership with Rainbow Poultry of South Africa has established a vertically integrated breeding farm and hatchery in Mpongwe district which became operational last month.

And AgriPro Focus in conjunction with other development organisation in Zambia were also currently conducting a market study to determine the investment opportunities in the horticulture sector.

The meeting would be held next week where the team of experts would be presenting their initial findings for validation by stakeholders in horticulture.

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  1. The poultry production industry has suffered stagnation due high feed and the cost of vaccines is very high

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