Don’t be used,civil servants told


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has cautioned civil servants against falling prey to the manipulation of the opposition political parties and has warned that those who will be found frustrating the smooth governance and implementation of Government programmes will be dismissed.

President Lungu said he was aware that there were some civil servants who did not believe in the Patriotic Front (PF) vision and were being used by the opposition to frustrate the smooth running of Government affairs.

The Head of State revealed that some civil servants were being instigated by those who were of the wrong belief that the PF and himself were not supposed to be in Government.

President Lungu said this at State House yesterday at a swearing in ceremony which saw ambassador Albert Muchanga appointed permanent secretary in the Office of the Vice-President in-charge of Parliamentary business, Paul Mbotwa Chanda as permanent secretary in the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development, Dr Bishop Edward Chomba as permanent secretary in the Ministry of Energy and Water Development and former Inspector General of Police Solomon Jere as High Commissioner to Nigeria.

President Lungu said Zambians decided to change Government in 2011 through the election of late Michael Sata as fifth president.

He said when President Sata died in October last year, Zambians decided to reaffirm their support for the PF to continue presiding over the country’s affairs by electing him (President Lungu) as the country’s sixth Head of State.

President Lungu said civil servants were expected to tow the line of the party in Government and that those who did not agree or believe in the vision of the PF should find courage and quit without waiting for the Head of State to show them the exit.

“As civil servants, you are expected to tow the line of the party in power. There are some civil servants who do not believe in the vision of the PF and are frustrating the governance of the country. This is being instigated by those who believe we are not supposed to be in Government. Do not fall prey to the manipulation of the opposition and if you think we are wrong, quit before I show you the exit but I trust most of the civil servants are well-meaning,” President Lungu said.

And President Lungu has challenged the Dr Bishop Chomba, the new Energy and Water Development permanent secretary to ensure Zambians in rural areas had clean and safe drinking water.

The Head of State said it was not a sin to live in rural areas and that citizens in rural communities should be able to enjoy the same rights and basic facilities as those in urban areas.

He said although there had been a bias on energy for a long time, it was important that to realize that water was critical to human life as access to clean and safe drinking water could easily reduce or even eradicate diarrhea diseases.

President told Mr Chanda, the new permanent secretary in the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources that Zambia was going through turbulent economic times and that the mines had been the most affected with the plummeted copper prices on the world market.

Mr Lungu stated that there was need for ordinary Zambians to be given opportunities to participate in the mining sector by encouraging them to form cooperatives so that they could have a fair share of the economic activities of the country.

On the new permanent secretary in the Office of the Vice-President, Muchanga, the Head of State said the culture of waiting for Ministers to be put under pressure in Parliament before issuing ministerial statements should be stopped.

He told Mr Muchanga to help the Vice-President to be well-prepared to answer questions in Parliament.

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  1. No sir PF is abusing the civil servants by lining them along the streets when the president and his ministers are passing through this is not what the civil servants were employed for the government is abusing these fellow Zambians Just imagine when the president was on the copper belt civil servants from the entire province were expected to be with the president in order to beef up crowd .Who will do the work when these civil servants are accompanying the President.

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