Don’t expect miracles from Govt-Masupa


Zambians should stop expecting miracles from Government, Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) director Bishop David Masupa has advised.

Bishop Masupa said Zambians should not expect President Edgar Lungu and Government to tackle all the country’s problems within a short time, but should rather give them enough time to prove their sincerity.

“We should not expect President Lungu and Government to perform miracles for the country within a short time. President Lungu is human and cannot tackle all the challenges with mere hands like a miracle worker,” Bishop Masupa said.

He asked those expecting immediate results in order to validate confidence in Government and its leadership to be patient.

Bishop Masupa observed that Government needed time to deliver positive results.

“We need to give them time to work and prove themselves,’’ he said.

Bishop Masupa noted that people wanted immediate results from Government, but they should realise that development  took time to actualise.

He said development was a long-term process which needed concerted planning and time.

Bishop Masupa also warned politicians to desist from making false promises to voters.

“My advice goes to all the politicians in the country to desist from making empty promises to the people; they should stop raising people’s hopes that they would tackle the country’s challenges in a short period, it is impossible,” he said.

One thought on “Don’t expect miracles from Govt-Masupa

  1. Rev. Masupa please we beg you to stop enticing visionless Edgar Lungu to put you on a government payroll. Are you not aware that the economic malaise of our country is as a result of poor and reckless mismanagement by Edgar and his PF team. How do you give one enough time when he has no idea where to get solutions. The Bishop Chomba route is the route you are contemplating taking. Please men of God give us peace or is it because the offering plate in your church is no longer full. God please come to save us.

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