Letters to the Editor

What is Fred Mmembe’s problem?

Reading Fred Mmembe’s editorial comment titled “Edgar Is No Match To Me” reveals the thought of a disillusioned, hysterical and outright frightened man, or perhaps he represents the thoughts and feelings of the cartel.

Quite frankly if I had a personal encounter with any of the senior cartel members, my advice would be to seek professional help to realign their thinking processes to normal reality.

So it is okay for ZRA to go after anybody else and when that process touches the Post then it is political or directed by H.E. Lungu?

Mmembe and his minions must therefore state when it is not political or directed.

If the Post, Mmembe and his minions had been meeting their legal and statutory obligations, all they needed to do was to produce receipts and I am sure ZRA would gladly apologize and go away.

But then again, these are the same characters who plundered huge amounts from State institutions and banks and outrightly refuse to pay back.

There is really something seriously wrong with these characters. Anyway, it is interesting how Mmembe and his minions can now complain of harassment using State machinery such as ZRA, DEC, ACC, etc. And to further state that such moves will “boomerang” is indeed comical to say the least.

Has Mmembe and minions forgotten how they used state machinery during Mwanawasa’s reign to harass, fight and degrade their opponents? The whole world has now learnt the true character of Mmembe and his minions.

The same State machinery is now in full gear to cleanse the rot they created. There are so many wise sayings that Mmembe and minions could learn from.

Personally my favorite is “Do Unto Others As You Would Wish Them To Do Unto You’. Until Mmembe and minions learn some humility, let them continue to “stew in their own vomit” until they learn a lesson or two.

George Zulu. Post insults, squawking are the kicks of a dying horse.

I did not know whether to laugh or get angry over the ranting by the Post over its failure to pay taxes as demanded by the law through the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)

It is no use kicking and squawking because the truth of the matter is that the Post owes Government (or is it Zambians) millions which it should pay.

Insulting President Lungu and even arrogantly attacking other newspapers without evidence or figures to prove their liabilities is not only inoperable but an unkind move to vilify innocent newspapers that are up to date with their tax obligations. It just won’t work.

Let the Post use its best times to insult Government (in fact let them do it every day) but that will not cover the sins they have committed.

In fact when Government is pushed, to a breaking point, it is the Post which will suffer the consequences and if it thinks that once it goes there will be an extraordinary vacuum in Zambia’s media world, then it is plainly dreaming.

It should stop overrating itself. Zambia will not die without the Post newspaper, far from it.

In fact it may be better off without a newspaper whose sustenance lies in publishing fibs and wounding innocent citizens.

Sorry Post, you simply cannot have the cake and eat it. To everything there is a turn and now it is your turn to pay taxes which you probably failed to settle because you were protected by President Michael Sata.

I remember very well before Mr Sata died there was an attempt by the current Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda to write off your debts, but God refused and with the demise of Mr Sata (MHSRIP) you have   found yourselves in a different world whose systems appear to be working.

Josiah Soko.

Post tax evasion, where was ZRA?

Just where was ZRA when the Post Newspaper was accumulating a sum of over K16m in arrears of Tax?

At first it was FAZ, now the attention goes to the Post. Surely those sums were not accumulated in one day, but several years. The question that lingers is: Who is to blame;is it ZRA or POST? In my view officers at ZRA went to sleep and there is need for a shake-up.

Heads must roll as we need level-headed men and women who can perform.  ZRA must not be seen harassing innocent clearing agents at Nakonde border and fail to collect huge sums just a stone throw from its headquarters.

Funny enough, it is the same ZRA that continues to advertise in the Post and fails to collect taxes, shame on you!.




Chipolopolo Angola outing a big disappointment

The Angolan four-nation tournament was a platform for Zambia’s Chipolopolo to prove to the world that they won the 2012 AfCON by fighting for it and not otherwise.

This was a dress rehearsal for the coming CHAN soon. However the dismal performance by our boys shows that they went to Angola as mere participants if not spectators to the tournament.

The team lacked the zeal to win, and I was baffled by remarks from the coach just before departure that he was going to use this tournament to prepare for both the World Cup and AfCON qualifiers.

When our friends were playing each game as a final, we took a casual approach, and we came back as tail enders, no amount of words will convince soccer fans about the poor performance.

– Concerned soccer fan