Todays text messages

Just an appeal to PAZA, MISA 


I would like to appeal to PAZA and MISA Zambia to engage the national media houses ZNBC, Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail now that we are nearing the general elections to offer equal and fair coverage to all political parties and not what we have seen in the recent past.

Limpo Situmbeko, Ndola



Take voters registration



Fellow Zambians days are ticking away; voter registration is almost coming to an end, so if you haven’t registered as a voter time is now. Register  and participate in national issues. Remember your vote will determine the future of this country, so register now before it’s too late, for the country to move it requires everyone’s hand.

Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka



Where are you Dr Scott?


I would like to comment on the road works going on in various areas in Lusaka. It appears that our MP Dr Scott has completely forgotten about the dilapidated roads in Prospect Hill just behind UTH. Manenekela, Chite and Ngulube roads have become eyesores but we see roads nearby being done, like in Thorn Park, Northmead etc. why is our area ignored. Dr Guy Scott must explain.



Daily Nation doing a

commendable job


I salute you the Daily Nation newspaper for your good work you are doing; for being transparent in your publication. Without you the country would have been in the dark over real issues. Unlike the Post newspaper which only reports hate, insults, division and lies. We wouldn’t even have known that the Post newspaper owes ZRA huge sums of money in taxes. They would have concealed it. Can you please expand?

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka.


Bravo Daily Nation!


It is my great privilege and honor to be warranted this scarce space to praise the Daily Nation for their exemplary professionalism and impartiality. Although we are in an era of partisan press the Daily Nation has been a neutral arbiter for Zambian political disputes. We are enjoying and keep it up and you have a bright future.

Marvin Chanda, Lusaka



Post had it coming


I wish to commend Government, especially through ZRA, for the action taken against the Post newspaper for nonpayment of taxes it owes. Government needs money to be channeled to various projects and alleviate the suffering of many Zambian people. I challenge ZRA to collect every ngwee from M’membe and his cartel. DBZ loan too, its high time to prove that what belongs to this Zambia is paid back. In fact the Post newspaper is no longer doing its professional work. Zambian people please let’s watch out for people who are ready to auction Zambia as evidenced from their acts. Mr M’membe and your friends where is your integrity?

JNM, Ndola



Double-tongued M’membe exposed


So M’membe has continued to default on his tax obligations to the Government yet continue to condemn Government for its failure to provide hospitals with drugs and when Government agents try to pursue him to collect what is due to the people, some NGOs jump up to condemn Government’s action. With or without their big mouths, the State must see to it that every ngwee this man owes is collected without fail this time around.

Micky, Lusaka.