UPND can win 2016 alone


“WE have the strength to win the 2016 general elections even without going into an alliance with any of the opposition political parties,” United Party for National Development (UPND) spokesperson Charles Kakoma has said.

Mr. Kakoma said his party was stronger after gaining ground in most of the ruling party’s strongholds and that nothing will prevent it from assuming power next year.

He said while it was important for opposition political parties to work together for the common good of the Zambian people by ensuring that the PF was removed from Government, the party was strong enough to unseat the ruling party.

Mr Kakoma said Mr. Munkombwe’s assumption lacked merit because the opposition was not depleted and that it was wrong for him to say that opposition political parties were preoccupied with fighting each other at the expense of strengthening each other.

“If Mr. Munkombwe believes that no opposition can win next year, we are here to correct him that if all these other opposition political parties will not manage to remove the PF form Government, UPND will do it whether alone or through an alliance.

‘‘We are the strongest opposition party as at now and we have the strength to win an election next year,” Mr. Kakoma said.

He said it was nothing strange to have a single party winning an election in Zambia because history had demonstrated that nothing was impossible as Zambians knew what they wanted, adding that his party was open to working with other parties.

But Lusaka Province Patriotic Front (PF) youth chairman Kennedy Kamba has charged that his party would win with or without the opposition forming an alliance because it had delivered on most of the promises it made to the Zambian people in 2011.

Reacting to veteran politician Daniel Munkombwe in yesterday’s edition of the Daily Nation who said no opposition political party was capable of removing the Patriotic Front (PF) from government unless they formed an alliance, Mr. Kakoma said his party did not need an alliance to win next year’s election.

“History is very clear about what has happened before on the political arena in Zambia because some parties have demonstrated before that they can win as single entities without working with any other party.

‘‘In 1991 the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) came into power without merging with any other party. The same happened to PF in 2011; so what will prevent us from winning?

“We have the political strength to win next year but we value working together with others because we have a common goal and our goal is to liberate Zambians from economic mismanagement,” he said. But Mr. Kamba said Mr. Munkombwe was right in his observations because there was no credible opposition party in Zambia. He noted that Zambia’s unprecedented development under the PF Government would be a yardstick for measuring the outcome of next year’s elections, adding that PF was not worried about the 2016 elections because it had done a lot to deserve another mandate. “With or without an alliance by the opposition, we will still win because people have seen what we are capable of doing through the massive developmental projects we have initiated and those we are implementing throughout the country.

‘‘We are winning the 2016 election, no doubt,” Mr. Kamba said.





One thought on “UPND can win 2016 alone

  1. God willingly will win the 2016 elections the key lies in the hands of the people of Zambia if they want Hakainde Hichilema they will vote for him if they want his. excellency Edgar Lungu they will vote for him basically myself I think talking anyhow is able to turn or change everything if we think we’ll win we should just keep quiet and watch because people are sensitive and intelligent that they can think and change their mind voting for the party that is quite which can lead to the upnd losing the election so we should just keep quiet and watch.

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