Do not antagonize Govt over challenges – NRP


NATIONAL Revolution Party president Cosmo Mumba has advised Zambians not to antagonize Government over the country’s economic challenges.

Dr. Mumba said Government should not be blamed for the economic hardships the country was experiencing.

He noted that Zambia was not the only country going through economic challenges, but that there were other African countries facing similar hardships.

“Zambia is not the only country going through such difficulties, there are other countries that are experiencing these challenges, its everywhere,” Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba said blaming Government for everything that had gone wrong in the country would not bring development nor solve the problems, but rather worsen the situation.

He advised the Zambian people to refrain from playing the blame game and concentrate more on finding lasting solutions to the predicament.

“It is so unfair that whenever there is a problem people rush to blame the Government, but that should not be the case; instead of putting so much energy on the blame game we can assist Government in finding solutions,” he said.

Dr. Mumba also urged political leaders to desist from hate speech and character assassination.

He said politicians should preach love and unity, especially at a time when the country was going through difficulties.

He observed that politicians were leaders and that as such should lead by example by uniting and showing love towards each other.