Don’t hide in media freedom,Post told


THE Post newspaper should not hide in the name of media freedom but instead pay the money the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) is demanding so that it can be used to attend to many national challenges, says former Lusaka district PF youth chairman Julius Komaki.

He said the Post Newspaper should just pay the money and stop holding the Government to ransom because the money it owes belonged to all Zambians.

“If a common Zambian who owes ZRA a K100,000 is followed, what more with K16 million? We need it so that it goes to other pressing issues affecting the country because it is our money,” Mr Komaki said.

He said the Post should not push the PF to the wall by insulting the Head of State when they were the same people who wanted to see his downfall by failing to pay tax.

“This is not about Mr Lungu, but whether they like it or not they should pay back the taxpayers’ money immediately and there is no politics when it comes to paying; they are obliged to do so,” he said.

Mr Komaki said the PF was not happy in the manner some sections in society wanted to blame the President on various challenges, saying the youths who were the pillars of the party would not take kindly to those who had no respect for the Head of State.

And Mr Komaki has warned PF members of Parliament against waiting for their gratuity at the expense of mobilising the party in their respective constituencies.

He said the youths would not sit idly by and watch people who were determined to bring confusion in the party. “We are ready for those MPs and we know them because they have their own agenda, but we will not just watch them destroying the party, and if they are brave enough, let them come out in the open because they are there because of PF,” he said.

Mr Komaki said the PF would not allow confusion which was caused by some party officials during the 2015 elections to happen again in 2016.

In another development, PF Chawama vice constituency chairman Benard Zimba has cautioned the Post newspaper on its continued attacks on President Lungu ‘‘despite having done his best to ensure the country was developed’’. Mr Zimba said President Lungu was a Chawama resident and the people of Chawama would not allow the selling of the Post Newspaper that continued to insult their parent.

He threatened to ban the selling of the Post newspaper in Chawama constituency should the paper continue to attack President Lungu for no reason.