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American Ambassador to Zambia Schultz stirs hornet’s nest

Kindly publish this contribution as a “letter to the Editor”. I am a retired diplomat of the Republic of Zambia with wide experience.

I cannot keep quiet in the face of what I see happening in my country, just before the country goes to the polls.

I have observed that Ambassadors accredited to this country have started to throw all diplomatic etiquette to the wind by attempting to influence public opinion in favour of certain sections of the Zambian political groupings whose ideological leanings the Ambassadors prefer.

I refer in particular to the seemingly innocent statement from the American Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Shultz saying that Zambians have a right to vote out a Government that was making mistakes.

That statement amounts to interference in the internal affairs of this country. Since when did America start to care about the rights of ex-slaves and colonized peoples anywhere in the world, for Mr Shultz to start lecturing us about the right to vote-out any unpopular regime? Where was America when Ian Smith was bombing our roads and bridges before the advent of Mugabe’s Zanu forces?

We don’t need such reminders which are hidden behind nice words. Is it not America that only a few years ago carried a merciless campaign of bombings against the Vietnamese people?

Was it not America that started the so-called “Arab Spring”, destabilizing militant Arab countries such as Syria and Libya thereby contributing to the problem of migrants wishing to migrate to the more “stable” European countries of Germany, France, Italy etc? This is hypocrisy of the worst type, and I pray that Zambians will not be duped into thinking such spokesmen are really our friends.

Mr Shultz is not alone in this campaign of plastering us with butter. The Germany Ambassador was recently also in a hurry not to be outdone… he forgot that the only thing Zambians can learn from Germany is the spirit of hard work and science/technology –  even if it is of the Volkswagen type –  people who live in glass houses should think twice about throwing stones. As for the Turkish ambassador, my foot! He stands up to offer us advice about the stupidity of legislating against the participation of foreigners in chicken rearing and block-making.

Why doesn’t the Ministry of Foreign Affairs respond quickly to such stupidity by pointing out that we have nothing to learn from a country that was only a few decades ago referred to as “the sick man of Europe”.

These ambassadors represent very powerful countries, for sure, but even we are unable to make them eat their own vomit, at least we should be responding quickly to such stupid mouthings.

Getting financial aid from these countries does not mean that we are becoming slaves one more time. We know they are experts at causing fraternal strife wherever a general election is nearby. Sometimes the description “cartel” is not descriptive enough.

Let’s call a spade a spade: Ba Pompwe! And you leaders of PF youth wing, why are you so nice even to people who are busy lighting up fires so that everything can go up in smoke? Take a leaf from our action plans during the days of Chachacha. This is the only country we have.

Yes, one should expect that there will be an out-cry from vested interests when Government wants to reserve certain economic activities for Zambians, and one can understand the behavior of individuals like Dipak Patel calling the measures “policy barking”.

Who said the practice of Governance was a bed of roses? It never is. But in my opinion, the only thing the PF Government should be fearful of its corruption in tenders like has happened with the Kafue-Gorge Lower Hydro Project.

Speak up and tell us the truth, otherwise when Zambians start to think that the PF Government is really beyond redemption, such perceptions are difficult to reverse when they become entrenched in people’s psyche. $800 million is a lot of cash to simply gloss over.

Please tell us the truth and thus exorcise the ghost of Imperialism from returning to haunt our children.

Kalunga Ntemeni.


Post saved from

self-inflicted closure

Judge Siavwapa used a sense of reasoning which the Post does not have and never uses in judging other people.

Judge Siavwapa thought of the greater good of the people working at the paper and decided not to invoke the full powers of the law that would have seen the paper close down.

He used empathy. This is the quality that Fred M’membe and his colleagues do not have at the Post. They will write about anybody and any topic without considering or thinking of the damage being caused.

In this case it was true that ZRA was owed money and should have exercised their right and authority to collect it, but the judge looked at the effect this would have on the greater extent of the company. Let this be a lesson to all the Post employees that life is not about being negative, aggressive and insulting to society. Vindictiveness should not colour judgment and objectivity which the newspaper is supposed to exhibit.

Let this be a lesson for them.

Joseph Mwenda.

Miles Sampa has poor judgment

It is disappointing that even people with some reasonable education like Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa cannot correctly read the political environment but easily get cheated by some quacks of political commentators.

I have heard a lot about people praising him on the social media especially among the UPND members  that he can do better than the current president

The question is why UPND members? The truth is that UPND members know that it will not be easier for their leader HH to beat Edgar Lungu.

But because Sampa has decided to be used as a tool of confusion in the country he has given in. I don’t know why some PF members still think that Dr Guy Scott has any decency and interest for Zambians left.

The chap is disappointed that the current president is undoing some of the damaging policies he left when he acted as president.

One commercial farmer in Mkushi confessed to me that Scott was warned about some policies and his response that whatever happens , it will not be his baby.

Any politician who means well in this country will not try to bring Dr Guy Scott near the governance of this country.

I don’t get it why Sampa thinks he has the following and influence to win an election at presidential level.

Mature and experienced politicians ganged up in support of Lungu because they realized that if they had supported Miles Sampa, PF would be in the opposition today.

Matero is a difficult constituency; there is always temptation for any PF MP to think that he or she is more popular than the PF as a party. To be honest, Sampa cannot retain his seat on a different ticket.

Enock Chulu


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  1. Ambassador Shultz was right when he said the people of Zambia have the right to vote out those who are making mistakes while in government. so you mr. Retired diplomat you want us to keep voting for non performers because they are your friends. shame on you. and it’s a misconception to think/say that America was a colonizer if any thing America (USA) was a colony of United Kingdom. The Retired diplomat was a total misfit very very dull for the kind of job he was assigned

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