Sacika behaving irresponsibly-ZRP

It is irresponsible and an act of  national betrayal for former secretary to the Cabinet Sketchley  Sacika to suggest social disorder on account of the depreciating Kwacha Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has charged.

“Which nation in the region and beyond has not suffered devaluation?” he asked.

He warned Mr. Sacika to desist from making irresponsible, outrageous and disparaging statements against Government as he was expected to be knowledgeable of global trends and the influence of the market on satellite economies such as Zambia.

And Mr. Musoma has appealed to the media houses in the country not to incite mining companies to lay off workers owing to the low copper prices as they were not doing the country any favour.

Commenting on Mr. Sacika’s observations that the country risked facing an economic breakdown and social disorder if the Kwacha continued depreciating, Mr. Musoma described Dr. Sacika’s statement as ‘‘utter nonsense’’.

\he cited South Africa whose rand had now deteriorated to R14.6 to the Dollar from  R5 a few months ago.

He said his party expected Mr. Sacika to offer solutions to the economic challenges the country was facing rather than making careless statements that had the potential to incite Zambians to rise against Government.

He said it was wrong for Sacika to issue statements that portrayed Government as a culprit over the on-going economic challenges when he fully understood that the problem was a global phenomenon.

“As ZRP would like to condemn Dr. Sacika’s statement in strongest terms and we are shocked that the man who was in government before would issue such a careless and outrageous statement which can incite civil unrest in the country.

‘‘If Mr. Sacika has solutions to the problems we are facing, how difficult is it for him to give guidance? Doesn’t he realise that his statement can set our country on fire?” Mr. Musoma asked.

He said he was surprised that Dr. Sacika, who once held the position of secretary to the Cabinet and understood the operations of government, could issue such a statement and called on Zambians to ignore him.

“Being in government before, we expected Dr. Sacika to offer solutions rather than criticising Government unnecessarily and we find his statement to be horrible, careless, outrageous and utter nonsense and Zambians should not pay attention to him because he doesn’t mean well for this country,” he said.

And Mr. Musoma has lambasted some media organisations for what he termed as inciting the mining companies to lay off workers.

“Some media organisations are busy inciting mine owners to fire workers by exaggerating the extent of the financial challenges brought about by the slump in copper prices on the world market as well as the power crisis. What is happening is that workers are fired in the media even before the mining companies decide to do so.

“This is a bad practice because when companies fold up their operations, it is the Zambians who will suffer due to reckless reporting.

‘‘Some media houses only think that when people lose jobs because of their biased reporting, then they are de-campaigning the party in power without realising the economic implications on those people losing jobs,” he said.