Todays Text messages

Munkombwe is right 


I agree with Mr Daniel Munkombwe that if the opposition do not unite and face 2016 election as a united front, then they should be prepared for defeat. Let the opposition merge if they are to win.

Henry Mwanza, Mungule.




Dr Mutesa not open


Reading Dr Mutesa’s letter one can see that there is a national crisis for which a solution ought to be found. However, going through his letter I tend to think that he is not open and ready to provide solutions. As a leader in opposition can he begin by setting out possible ways of dealing with our problems other than seeking people’s views? I will be glad if he can open up and lead the way.

CZ, Lusaka




M’membe is not Jesus


M’membe’s comparison with Jesus who was crucified is misplaced because Jesus never encouraged tax evasion. Was Jesus insulting leaders of the day? Was Jesus meddling in politics? M’membe’s paper is not a fair media house but a political tool for battlefronts. He expects such treatment, and no one wants to close his paper. Hakainde who is the most serious threat to PF’s survival has companies and more money than M’membe but no one is pursuing him to close his companies in order to fix him because he pays tax.

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe



Get tough with mine owners


I would like to thank His Excellency Mr Edgar Lungu for his commitment and the steps he took in the mining sector. It is like the mine owners are taking the Government for granted because when things are better they enjoy and forget that one day things will be hard. However, I have never heard them complaining about having a lot of money in their pockets and they only complain when things are bad. The Bible says, “Be happy when things are tough in the same way when they are good”. Mr President, be tough on them and let them not fire workers.

Chipango, Choma.



Fake dollar demand


I write to ask the Bank of Zambia to critically look at the demand for the dollar coming from commercial banks. Some of these demands are fake and meant to put the kwacha perpetually on the back foot. Unmask the demand and you will know what is happening in the foreign exchange market. Do not just sit in your offices. Some rot is going on in some commercial banks.

R. Chola, Kitwe



No need for blame game in mines


We should not waste time looking for who to blame for the job losses in the mining sector. ZCTU is saying ‘do not blame us’, so who is to blame? What needs to be done is finding a solution to these problems and not the Government telling the mine owners that they can take over. The Government should have invested heavily in the mines if they were capable and not threatening the investors. Otherwise there will be a lot of job losses.

Jackson Tembo, Lusaka




HH’s political circus


Allow me space in the people’s paper to briefly talk about HH’s desperation of wanting to be the next republican president at all costs. His calling for other political parties to merge and dislodge PF in 2016 general elections is a circus because history has exposed some hideous elements of insincerity on his part. Let us however wait and see otherwise he is clutching at the straw. 

FA Zulu, Lusaka.