Kanyelele disputes Post story

ALEX Bwalya Kanyelele says the statement published by the Post Newspaper in which President Edgar Lungu and his press aide Amos Chanda have been attacked and disparaged for allegedly sidelining the Bemba-speaking people is a forgery.

He said he had never issued a statement and that the signed statement which was published in the Post at the weekend was not authored by him as he could not structure his views in the manner they were written.

Mr Kanyelele said he did not even know that the Post had published a statement bearing his signature, stating he respected President Lungu and the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) and could not act to bring them into disrepute.

Speaking to the Daily Nation in Bemba, Mr Kanyelele said he could not understand how a statement purported to have been written by him could have been taken to the media without his knowledge.

Asked if the statement published in the Post in which it is alleged that he warned President Lungu and Mr. Amos Chanda of starting a war with the Bemba-speaking was authentic, Mr Kanyelele said:

“I maintain that I have never issued a statement and I have no idea who took that statement to the Post. Let the Post prove that I personally delivered that statement. I am surprised that you are telling me it is signed by me. Awe nshishibe ifyo balelanda. Teine walembele and nshishibe at fili mu Post. Nalafwaya newspaper so that I see it,” Mr Kanyelele said.

One thought on “Kanyelele disputes Post story

  1. Akana Kanyelele…Ubufi ba Post…
    Kanshi finshi mulwisha…nanomba tamulanonka? Nomba kulabepeshafye abakaele….

    Why is the Post so panicky reporting negatives about the President always…..

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