Todays Text messages

Viva Edgar Lungu


Let us pray for our beloved President to deliver on his promises. Ten months in office and already the opposition is making noise with their vuvuzela, the Post newspaper. Please ministers time to speak for the President is now. Let’s not wait until election time. Thank you to Sunday Chanda  for defending the party and the President. Viva Edgar Lungu, come 2016 I will vote for you. Shame on the cartel. Those who claim to be rich can keep their money and we will keep our humble President.

DL, Lusaka





Gospel of lies


Let us be careful with the Post newspaper. It is on a mission to deceive the world by spreading the gospel of lies. Let us be mindful about strangers we meet on the streets asking us questions. Some may be secret agents of the Post trying to destroy us. The Post is a threat to national security.

Marvin Chanda, Lusaka




Sampa cleared the air


It is good that the Matero lawmaker, Miles Sampa, has finally cleared the air on his resignation as deputy minister for Commerce. Following his resignation there have been speculations emanating from cross section of society. Some people speculated that he intends to form his political party, others that he intends to join one of the opposition political parties. What is evident is that Hon Sampa resigned his position to help the PF party win the 2016 elections by working with the grassroots.

Elemiya Phiri.



 Experts on falsehoods 


I fail to understand the behaviour of antagonizing innocent people including chiefs by the Post newspaper. What are the duties of MISA Zambia and PAZA? Do these bodies have ethical guidelines and operational constitutions? Only time will tell.  The Post newspaper is an expert on falsehood.

FA Zulu, Lusaka


 Heavenly wisdom


I wish to commend the party in power for accepting that things are not rosy. Certainly, it is not the leadership at fault as other people want Zambians to believe. It takes a good leader to look to heaven for wisdom and help. I salute President Lungu. May God bless you as you continue to lead Zambia.

Derrick Chongo, Kapiri.





Sampa be careful


I want to advise Mr Sampa to be careful with the cartel. It is true and the people behind it are well known. No wonder they hold a grudge against Edgar Lungu. M’membe, the former vice president and others we know are part of the cartel.

KR, Kitwe.





We are watching you


It is good that Miles Sampa says he will not resign from PF as demanded by some members and has endorsed President Lungu as party presidential candidate in 2016, but we are watching you. That shows modern-day politics have departed from our heroes like KK, H. Nkumbula and S.M. Kapwepwe. Why so power-hungry you little children.?

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe.