Ignore political jokers, Zambians urged


IT is time Zambians ignored and stopped paying serious attention to  politicians  preoccupied with blaming President Edgar Lungu for the problems the nation was  going through  because they are not patriotic, says Patriotic Front member of the Central Committee Joyce Nonde-Simukoko.

She said the current criticisms coming from the opposition were not helping the country to come out of the economic problems the nation was going through.

Mrs Nonde-Simukoko said it was sad that leaders in the opposition were blaming President Lungu over the economic crisis the nation was experiencing when they knew truly well that the crisis was a world problem.

“It’s time Zambians identified their priorities rather than blaming President Lungu for problems the nation is experiencing. These problems are not a creation of the President or the PF.

‘‘Even if this country voted for any other opposition leader in the January 20th elections, the crisis could have been there,” said Mrs. Nonde-Simukoko who is also former Federation of Free Trade Unions in Zambia (FFTUZ) president.

Mrs. Nonde-Simukoko said it was wrong for the opposition to target PF so that it could fail even when the leadership had shown commitment to addressing the challenges the nation was experiencing.

She said Zambians should appreciate the commitment from Government to make life simple and easier through the construction and provision of quality roads, hospitals and schools which could have been done 50 years ago.

Mrs. Nonde-Simukoko noted that the situation was not as bad as the opposition political leaders were portraying, adding that Zambia had seen various sectors grow despite the challenges the nation was facing.

“People should offer solutions by looking at opportunities these current economic shortcomings have brought to the nation. For instance, the load shedding should open up opportunities for massive investments in the power or energy sector which in turn will create jobs for the people.

‘‘The low production of copper and low prices at the international market should also allow people to take opportunities by not thinking copper and do other economic activities such as farming in cash crops,” she said.

‘The President has shown us the steps to take to recovery but we are still dragging our feet, watching him from afar. It’s like we don’t want to walk with him. Things don’t work like that,” Mrs. Nonde-Simukoko said.

The former unionist said she was optimistic that President Lungu was taking the people of Zambia on the route to economic recovery.

She regretted that hate and bitterness in politics had taken centre stage at the expense of seeking solutions.