Letters to the Editor

Shakafuswa right on opposition

I totally agree with sentiments by UPND Katuba Constituency Member of Parliament Jonas Shakafuswa on some opposition leaders who do not offer solutions to governance for the sake of criticizing those in leadership. One such leader who immediately comes to my mind is UPND’s president Hakainde Hichilema.

Hichilema believes that he knows it all. He thinks he can overnight change agriculture, mining, tourism, health, education, accountancy, engineering and many others probably using his magic wand.

This is simply insurmountable but Hichilema is trying to give us Zambians an impression that he is all the rejoinders to challenges facing our  nation. For me Hichilema could pass for a “Jack of all trades but a master of none.

I also know that it is all easy to be a wingchair detractor until you get into the kitchen to appreciate all the heat that is in there. The opposition is not there merely to criticize government at every corner just to win public empathy.

In offering checks and balance, Zambia needs a temperate opposition ready to offer elucidations to some of the problems the country is going through.

This culture of insulting those in leadership must come to an end because one day those who are insulting will be in government and  they surely would not love to be denigrated in the manner they doing  with President Lungu and his government.

And I think that our current position is a wretched one and lacks inspiration.

Thomas Foloshi


Can we have female grave diggers?

While some professions and careers have been dominated by males, there have been some breakthroughs like in the Zambia Air Force where we now have a female fighter pilot.

Some women have been appointed to key decision making positions like the current Inspector –General of Police, DEC leader etc.

While Lusaka boasts of having a female  minibus driver at City Market bus station, Kitwe can also brag of a female minibus conductor who plies her trade between town and Bulangililo-Kazembe road route.

This is a young woman  needs support from well-meaning Zambians especially the Government.

It is not easy to work as conductor considering the amount of time spent on the job coupled with the duties of being a mother and wife at same time.

Conductors start work as early as 0500hrs to pick up the first passengers for work or business, and knock off as late as 2200hrs making sure the last commuter reaches home safely. With this in mind I wish the Government through Kitwe DC to search for this lady and assist her to do a driving course since she is already in the realm of the transport business.

While many young women of her age resort to drinking beer and prostitution, she has stood out from the crowd do what others think is a man’s job.

This woman according to my assessment must be less than 20years and it would be prudent to take her to a driving school so that she acquires the skills and join the ranks and files of our male dominated career.

Can we see women grave diggers in the near future?



Where is LWSC?

Please allow me space in your daily tabloid to air my concerns on the failure by the Lusaka Water and Sewerage to unblock a sewer Line in Libala Stage 3.

It has been almost 3weeks now and several attempts have been made to Notify LWSC Kabwata, but this hasn’t yielded any results. .Where is Mr Chanda the PF councillor?

Please, please work on the sewer before it starts raining heavily.

Concerned Libala resident.

HH is for personal gains

Thank you Daily Nation for allowing your followers to express their views in your newspaper.

I want to make a comment on the recent campaign advert by Hakainde Hichilema in which he’s asking electorates for campaign funds of K250 or more.

To me it seems like he’s already chewed the money he earned during privatization or his financiers are no longer interested in supporting a perpetual losing candidate.

Both internal and external shocks have increased the average food basket of ordinary Zambians and here is HH asking the poor people to donate their hard earned to his campaigns.

How selfish can he be? HH wants to be president of Zambia not for the people of Zambia but for his own selfish ambitions.

Thank you, KM