Lusambo rules out MMD -UPND alliance


THE opposition MMD will not work with the UPND ahead of next year’s general elections because the UPND leadership is treacherous and cannot be trusted, says Bowman Lusambo.

In an interview, the former MMD national youth secretary now aspiring for the vice president’s position in the former ruling party,  told the Daily Nation that it was ‘‘wishful thinking’’ for UPND to think that they would win next year’s election single-handedly.

He said it was not surprising that such statements were coming from the UPND after party president Hakainde Hichilema called for all opposition political parties to work together in an attempt to remove the Patriotic Front and President Edgar Lungu from Government.

Mr. Lusambo said the MMD will not enter into any partnership with the UPND because the latter was treacherous and cannot be trusted.

“We shall not enter into any working partnership with the UPND because it feels as if it is the biggest political party in Zambia.

‘‘The party leadership is treacherous and cannot be trusted. UPND thinks they have all the solutions to what this country is going through.

‘‘Some tribes in the UPND think they are more UPND than other tribes, which is total betrayal to other groupings,” he said.

Mr. Lusambo said alliances and pacts involving UPND have failed in the past because of the attitude of its leadership.

He said he would not support MMD if the leadership had intentions of entering a pact which will only promote UPND to get into power.

“Governance is about governing the people and not just forming political parties that promote regionalism.

‘‘We have seen this from the way the UPND are treating their Katuba MP Jonas Shakafuswa for being brave, for being a patriot, for being issue-based and not politicking over what the country was going through,” said Mr. Lusambo.

He said youths countrywide were shocked that the UPND president Mr.  Hichilema was calling for a strong alliance ahead of 2016 general elections when his followers did not want or believe in working with others in providing credible and workable alternative leadership.

Mr. Lusambo said anyone in the MMD or any other political party wishing to go into an alliance with the UPND should be ‘‘ready to be used and dumped’’ after the elections next year.

UPND top officials have differed with party president Hichilema over the need for a strong alliance if the party was to form government next year.

Last week, UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma said UPND could form government single-handedly while UPND sympathizer Sylvia Masebo who is PF Chongwe MP said UPND did not need any other political party or pact to former government next year as it had the capacity to win the election alone.

In 2006 UPND went into an alliance with FDD, UNIP and ZRP before losing the election to the MMD.

The next alliance UPND got involved into was with the PF where Mr. Hichilema wanted to lead the pact but PF pulled out.

“Both the 2006 and 2011 alliances involving UPND have failed to materialize. How will the next pact or alliance work when they feel that they can win the election on their own?” asked Mr. Lusambo.

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