Nyiombo withdraws ‘caked’ fertilizer


NYIOMBO Investments, Zambia’s largest fertilizer distribution company, has withdrawn all of its caked urea fertilizer at its Kitwe warehouse and has pledged its continued supply of the best quality of its products to the farmers across the country.

Nyiombo Investment has asked farmers in Kitwe, Lufwanyama, Mpongwe and other areas on the Copperbet to begin getting to the warehouse to receive their fertilizer Packs under the Government’s Farming Input Support Programme (FISP).

Nyiombo Investments Limited managing director Maurice Jangulo said following the Government’s directive to withdraw bags of caked urea fertilizer from the Kitwe warehouse, the company had quickly moved to remove the bags and replaced them with free-flowing bags ready for collection by farmers.

Dr Jangulo told the Daily Nation in Kitwe that following reports of caked urea fertilizer, Nyiombo Investments, the traders in various agro commodities including seed, had since removed the 300 tonnes of caked fertilizer and had replaced it with a good quality produce which farmers could start collecting.

He said the fertilizer distribution company was well-stocked and that it had since hit 90 percent of its distribution in all its designated regions and that within 14 days the exercise was expected to be completed.

Dr Jangulo explained that fertilizer stocks were the least of the worries Nyiombo had because there were enough for the Government’s FISP and for cash purchases by farmers.

He said Nyiombo was committed to providing the best products to the farmers and that if there were any complaints, the company was ever ready to address them because agriculture was a critical sector in the economic governance and management of the country.

Dr Njangulo who toured  some of the warehouses on the Copperbelt said Nyiombo had always given government guarantee of supplying the best quality of farm inputs to farmers, adding the company had always replaced products that had not been of the required standard.

He disclosed that Nyiombo had since commenced its build-up stocks for the next farming season and that a Ship carrying 27,000 tonnes of urea fertilizer would be docking in Dar es Salaam next week.

“At the moment, Nyiombo has already reached 90 percent in its distribution of fertilizer in all of its designated regions. And following reports of caked fertilizer, I wish to inform the nation that we have withdrawn all the 300 tonnes of caked fertilizer and have replaced it with the best quality. Farmers are therefore advised to start collecting their packs and there is no need to panic or worry because we are well-stocked. And we have even commenced the build-up for the next farming season and a ship carrying 27,000 tonnes of urea fertilizer is docking at Dar es Salaam next week. So stocks are the least of Nyiombo’s worry,” Dr Jangulo said.

And Kitwe district commissioner Chanda Kabwe has appealed to Nyiombo to forget about the confusion caused by the reports of caked fertilizer and advised that the distribution of the farming inputs should commence immediately.

Mr Chanda said he was happy that Nyiombo had quickly moved to resolve the problem of caked fertilizer and replaced it with good quality products which he said farmers would be happy with.

He has pledged to assist Nyiombo with extra warehouse services because his desire was the see no futher delays following the confusion that was caused after caked fertilizer was discovered in Kitwe.

“I am happy that you have brought in good quality of urea fertilizer and please make sure you commence distribution immediately so that there are no further delays. Forget about the disturbances and if you need extra warehouse services, we are ready to facilitate because I do not want to hear that farmers are lining up and waiting,” Mr Chanda said.

But Nyiombo operations manager Nkhwazi Dlamini said the company was ready to commence supplying farmers but was informed by the officials from the Ministry of Agriculture that the farmers were not yet ready.