Todays text messages


Where is the regulator?


The lies the Post newspaper continues to publish are so shameful and annoying. Do we really have a regulatory body in this country? If so, what are they doing about this rotten newspaper? Right now it is only UPND and Rainbow party cadres who seem to appreciate the kind of nonsense this paper continues to publish.

Chileshe, Lusaka.



Amend the law


I would like to appeal to our parliamentarians to amend the law in order to allow people to comment on matters that are before the courts. Although people’s views in the media do not affect the judgments but it would help the courts to take note of  the view of people as the law contravenes our basic fundamental human rights of freedom of expression and speech.

Limpo Situmbeko, Ndola.



Evelyn Hone plea


The Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs must in the interest of justice allow Evelyn Hone students make their submissions before it. Although they did not do it on the actual date, the failure was due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their comprehension. It is an irrefutable fact that they took office last week Tuesday and there is no way they could make their submissions the following Thursday. I appeal to the Clerk of the National Assembly to hear our plight.

Chanda Mberi, Lusaka

showed genuine national character.

Lastin Sikazwe, Ndola.



Copy and paste journalism


Fred M’membe must be ashamed of himself after his attempt to concoct Bemba animosity backfired. He is not new to using tribal wars to fight State House. M’membe’s desperation to survive ZRA debts is taking him to great lengths. It is fashionable for Fred to copy and paste stories from poisonous online media just to discredit Edgar Lungu. You are a disgrace to this society and you must be punished.  

Mukosha Enock, Kitwe.



Kampyongo challenged


I am challenging Local Government minister Stephen Kampyongo to act and not just talk about illegal land allocation by councillors. Not only councillors, even council staff are culprits. This has become rampant in all city councils; there is no sanity. Do something about it. In some cases some councillors are having 10 plots and are busy selling, denying poor Zambians an opportunity to own land because of their selfishness and love for money. It has become their source of livelihood and doing it with impunity.




Viva Chipolopolo


I would like to congratulate the Zambia national soccer team on their victory against Sudan. The boys did their best to win that game. Let us continue supporting our team, they really made us proud. Russia here we come. Go! Go! Zambia.

W.N, Lusaka.