US$10m sanitation contract signed

THE Millennium Challenge Account Zambia (MCA) and the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) have signed a US$9.9 million contract to upgrade the Kaunda square sewerage ponds and improve sanitation in the area which is expected to be completed on November 15, 2018.

The contract is part of the US$355 million bi-lateral compact agreement for Lusaka water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage (LWSSD) project funded by the United States in partnership with Zambian Government.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, MCA Zambia chairperson Fredson Yamba said the rehabilitation and construction of the Kaunda Square ponds demonstrate Government’s commitment to provision of social services.

Mr Yamba said improved sanitation reduced disease burden and that lack of proper services affected vulnerable populations such as women and children. He appealed to the residents of both Mtendere East and Mtendere West to start constructing toilets so that they could connect to the network next year

“The rehabilitation and construction of the new Kaunda square ponds will cater for over 16, 000 households in Mtendere that will transition from pit latrines to flushable toilets,” he said. Mr Yamba said Government was committed to the strong mutual partnership with the United States for infrastructure development which would have a positive impact on the Zambian economy.

And Lusaka water and sewerage company board chairperson Mundia Muya said the company had continued investing in improving water supply and sanitation.

Mr Muya however said the limited infrastructure had continued to be overwhelmed by the exponential population in the city.

He said the Kaunda Square waste stabilisation ponds were originally designed to carter for a small population but that the ponds were unable to cope with the increased demand.

“The investment under the LWSSD project could have not come at a better time when LWSC id facing increasing demand to provide vital services with limited infrastructure,” he said.

Meanwhile US ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz said the MCA offered an example of how donor assistance could operate as a true partnership with recipient nation.

Mr Schultz said the project was a shared investment with the Zambian taking the lead in developing and implementing the numerous activities.