Letters to the Editor

That inimical tribal talk

Imagine you are a proud Bemba who always boasts among colleagues that where you come from, you know no tribal talk.

And the next thing you see is a big head line in the Post Newspaper “Bembas warn PF”!

It is so saddening and most disheartening that the whole Bemba Royal Establishment can allow itself to be dragged into cheap tribal mud by the Post Newspaper simply for its agenda.

I just hope my brother Alex Bwalya Kanyelele was misquoted by the paper as they always do with many innocent citizens.

I am a Bemba from Ichinga in Chinsali. My grandmother is resting in Shimwalule where Bemba royals are buried.

Surely true Bembas will never subscribe to such embarrassing talk.

It’s even more saddening that  some tribal Royal Establishments in Zambia in effect are playing in the hands of the Post newspaper whom they have allowed to divide us along tribal lines.

In  Bemba we say “abakalamba ba mwene amakasa ya nkalamo bashikapo.” Chiefs are sovereigns who reign but do not rule as such. Otherwise Zambia will have 73 presidents.

Therefore the exercise of Royal Establishment powers is supposed to be a formality rather than an opportunity for the sovereign to enact personal political preference. Royal Establishments are in essence symbols of national unity and not conflict.

Tribes are not built on democratic ideas but thrive on zero-sum competition. As such tribal talk is inimical to democratic advancement and therefore most unacceptable for any reason.

The challenge to democracy in Zambia since 1991 has not been the prevalence of ethnic diversity but the use of identity politics to promote tribal interests.

Therefore the wrong picture painted by the story carried in the Post on Friday 13 November 2015 implies that every ethnic community in Zambia should have its own territory which should reinforce ethnic competition.

Now suppose President Lungu were to replace the big man Hon Alex Chikwanda with, say Ngandu Magande or Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane as Minister of finance, what will the Bembas say?

From the time of President Chiluba, much attention has been devoted to removing autocrats and promoting multiparty politics.

But in the absence of efforts to build genuine political parties that compete on the basis of ideas, Zambia is now reverting to tribal identities as foundation for political competition.

Politicians are now also exploiting Royal Establishment weaknesses to advance their personal gain, parochial interests  and patronage.

Therefore our endeavour must be making the great leap from individual tribal members to national citizens. After all, the benefits outweigh those of belonging to a tribe.

This in fact is the more reason why we are seeing the exodus of people from Chiefdoms into cities as well as intermarriages.

One Zambia is one Nation.

Mukuka Chilufya


Poor state Chiparamba Road in Eastern Province

I WRITE to lobby Government to work and tar the Chiparamba sub centre road, which links three chiefdoms namely Mishoro, Madzimawe, and Chikuwe of Chipata district.

Chiparamba in all fairness should have been declared a district by now to foster development.

When the MMD government, started working on the Chipata-Mfuwe road people in Kasenengwa constituency were very excited hoping that Chiparamba road starting from Kampeta turn off through the sub centre to Chief Mishoro was going to be worked on , but  to date nothing appears in horizon to benefit from the Link Zambia road network.

Where is Victoria Kalima MP for Kasenengwa?

I am therefore appealing to His Excellency President Lungu to help us in Chiparamba by declaring the area into a district and we badly need this road to be tarred .

Every day we watch and read development news in Luapula, Livingstone, Northern and Muchinga Province but nothing substantial is happening in Chiparamba. No wonder Chief Madzimawe has been crying for development.

Your excellency Chiparamba people are requesting  that you  visit the area and it will go a long way to appreciate your consideration.

We have seen your impartial approach to developing this country , and we have faith that you will consider people of Chiparamba as well who have not seen a tarred road since independence in Kasenengwa  constituency

Hezron Daka.



clause, ignore

Guy ScottI want to comment on the Saturday’s(14 November 2015) comment made by Simon Bindimu that Guy Scot wants to rule.

It’s true and can’t support that clause. Let it remain the way it is because at the end we will end up being governed by a Congolese.

Say no Guy Scot’s wish.

Concerned citizen.