Don’t be partisan, Chief Hamusonde told


TRADITIONAL leaders are expected to have a forgiving heart but it is disheartening that some  chiefs in Southern Province are blackmailing President Edgar Lungu by declaring  that they will work against the Patriotic Front (PF) Government, a PF leader has said.

Mr Brave Mweetwa, who is Siavonga PF district chairman and aspiring candidate in the 2016 general elections, said it was against traditional values and governance for Chief Chief Hamusonde of Monze to continue being bitter over political matters that had since been resolved.

Mr Mweetwa said it was not acceptable for Chief Hamusonde to make a political statement that did not represent the traditional establishments in Southern Province.

He said it was not correct to suggest that chiefs in Southern Province and their subjects were angry with President Lungu for allegedly failing to discipline PF secretary general Davis Chama and Information and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili.

He explained that Zambia was bigger than Mr Chama and Mr Kambwili and that the traditional leader should have found room to forgive the duo ‘‘instead of politically going ballistic’’ against President Lungu and the ruling party. “It is our expectation that traditional leaders should provide non-partisan leadership because they are supposed to work with the Government of the day.

‘‘We the people of Siavonga and Southern Province in general were not consulted and Chief Hamusonde cannot claim that we are angry. President Lungu has exhibited humility, humbleness and forgiveness and those are the best attributes of a good leader.

‘‘As a traditional leader, Chief Hamusonde should emulate President Lungu instead of going ballistic against the Head of State,” Mr Mweetwa said.

He stated that if Chief Hamusonde was not working with the Government of the day led by President Lungu, he should clearly state which political leadership he was working with. Mr Mweetwa said many traditional leaders in Southern Province were in support of President Lungu because the Head of State had demonstrated that he was a leader for all Zambians irrespective of where they came from.

He said the language Chief Hamusonde was using was partisan which he said should at all times be avoided because subjects in chiefdoms associated themselves with different political parties.

“How is Chief Hamusonde going to lead his subjects when he cannot forgive those who are going to offend him? Chiefs are part of the governing body in a country and are expected to help President Lungu to rule the country to the expectations of the people and not setting the Head of State against the people,” Mr Mweetwa said.

He said it was unfortunate that Chief Hamusonde had rushed to the media to express his anger instead of seeking audience with President Lungu.