Todays text messages

GBM has run out of ideas


I read with dismay to hear GBM asking the people on the Copperbelt to vote for his newly found party UPND as Government of intellectuals. Going back in time, it is Mr Mwamba who had been implicated in awarding a lot of Government contracts to his family members and he hasn’t answered those charges. It was there in the Post newspaper. Again the same intellectuals were appearing in court over the GBV case. GBM  also battered one of his workers. Can you trust such a man to be your leader?

Mattheus Kernan Lungu, Lusaka



HH desperate for power


HH seems to be so desperate and hungry for power at all costs. He can hold rallies without police consent and make desperate promises to the poor laborers meanwhile he has failed to look after his workers properly. His politics have no limits. He condemns the RTSA board for hiking vehicle fees and fines, saying if elected president , he will replace it with a “responsible” one. Where will he get the money to run RDA? Hakainde stop trying to gain sympathy from public vehicle drivers. It won’t help you.

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe


Vote wisely in 2016


I would like to congratulate the ECZ for extending the voter registration exercise. To my fellow Zambians let us continue to registering in numbers. I would like to urge my fellow Zambians to vote for leaders who can change not a few lives but lives of many suffering Zambians. We should avoid thinking of what shall I eat and drink today but think of how this country will be in a few years to come. This country needs a leader that has a heart for people, are we happy with where we are right now. It’s time to think twice. Let us vote wisely in 2016.


Brave Shakas saluted


Threats on Katuba law maker Jonas Shakafuswa by UPND leadership is uncalled for because Shaka’s concern is genuine. By failing to provide solutions to Government does not mean it is PF and its Government or its following that suffers but every Zambian regardless of his/her political affiliation including Shakafuswa’s constituency hence his concern. Unless those claiming to have solutions to the challenges the country is going through are liars and should stop their claim. Shakas be brave as what you are known to many.

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka



PF should check high cost of living


We thank you Government for the many infrastructure projects dotted across the country. Now one thing of great concern is the high cost of living. I am a staunch PF supporter who’s equally feeling the pressure. Our party is pro poor but then how will a poor man survive if, basic needs like sugar, salt, bread and mealie meal have been increased almost 50%. Please Mr Chama, Madam Mumbi Phiri we need answers to the above as we are now finding it difficult to explain to the electorates.

DL, Lusaka