Konkola saves 15 pc to conserve power


KONKOLA Copper Mines (KCM) has saved up to 15 per cent of energy through its power saving programme put in place to mitigate the shortage of power, says chief executive officer Steven Din.

Speaking at a media breakfast meeting in Lusaka, Mr Din said the energy saving programme put in place four years ago had helped the mine save about 15 per cent of energy.

He said the saving of energy had helped the mine not to record as much low production as possible.

“We have an energy saving programme driven by a team of experts and we managed to reduce all our energy saving, we have had 15 per cent of savings,” he said.

Mr Din also said KCM had invested US$3 billion in upgrading asserts at the mine in the last 10 years.

He said KCM had invested $150 million since 2004 – $110 million in health, education; $21 million in sport  and $20 million in livelihood development.

He said the mine also supported over 2,600 households in sustainable livelihood programmes.

“We have invested US$3 billion in the last 10 years and it is being used in upgrading assets and therefore increasing the life of the mine which is gone from the 10 years,” he said.Mr Din revealed that KCM’s current copper production stood at 200, 000 tonnes a year of which 13 tonnes came from the copper mined from its various locations while the rest of it came from concentrates which were bought from other mines.

“Our current production stands at around 200, 000 a year of which currently 13 tonnes comes from the copper that we mine from our various locations while the rest of it comes from concentrates which we buy from other mines,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Din said the copper concentrates the mine imported this year was on its way back to Chile.

“In terms of concentrates which was imported, we are bagging it at the moment and is on its way out,” he said.