Letters to the Editor

ZAF non-commissioned

officers’ plea to Siamunene

It is good that we now have Hon. Richwell Siamunene as  full Cabinet minister for the Ministry of Defence.

I am a non-commissioned officer in ZAF. I would like to find out from our ZAF Air Commander through you, Sir, the defence minister why the Government is not giving us a chance or allowing us to attempt the on-going recruitment exercise because we have been waiting for the ZAF command to release a circular to say those non-commissioned officers with diplomas, advanced diplomas and degrees should apply to cross over to become officers.

Now they have been quiet. So if you can tell the Air Commander to allow us to apply because we have all the qualifications and we have had all these qualifications since we joined ZAF, especially those of us who joined in recent years.

It’s not like we just acquired them after joining  ZAF; they can check our files. On our own if we raise or ask about it we will be charged or even fired. This is not the case with our colleagues from  Zambia Army and ZNS.   Whenever there is a recruitment  they ask those with diplomas and degrees to apply. We don’t know what is difficult with ZAF, they are too jealousy to their  fellow Zambians. Finally, we request that the current Constitution be amended or changed because we are still using the same document our colonial masters left where commissioned officers are regarded as ‘‘whites’’ and we non-commissioned officers are ‘‘blacks’’.

That is how bad it is. And they brag that they are managers and we are their tools. This matter is beyond the capacity of ZAF warrant officers. We cannot handle it. Looking forward to hear from you, sir.


The HH leadership puzzle

A first-time visitor to our beautiful country will definitely conclude that HH is not educated. How can a person with some reasonable level of education like HH decide to be led by his juniors?

Why should HH continue to allow anger, envy and jealousy rule him? Doesn’t he know these feelings are barriers to listening and learning? HH must find a mentor to emulate. The problem with him is that he seems to have settled for the late president Michael Sata as mentor but instead of emulating him, he is imitating him.

HH and GBM lack foresight and wisdom. They can openly declare to God-fearing Zambians that they will reverse the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation and expect Zambians to vote for them? God forbid.

I don’t understand why the secretary general of UPND cannot control who to speaks to the public on behalf of the party. Today it is the untrained mouth of the Zambia Watchdog and Larry Mweetwa who speak on behalf of the party. Where is the sensible and composed Charles Kakoma?

Mweetwa, HH and GBM cannot be trusted with facts. They will always want to push their agenda even when they have no vision.

All that Lungu needs is to keep his eyes on the ball and implement his policies to the letter. Zambians will extend his mandate beyond 2016. God bless him.

Enock Chulu,


FAZ counselled

FAZ should not be swayed by comments coming from people like Simataa Simataa that they should give Lwandamina a contract.

In as much as we appreciate the two wins, we ‘ve also had losses that we should have won. FAZ should be left alone to find a suitable long term coach for Chipolopolo, not to rush to giving a full contract for beating one average team.

People like Simataa want Kalu out so they will always make rushed comments to stir a debate in the hope of the public supporting them in the Kamanga camp.

Your time is long gone, Simataa. It’s Kalu’s time now.

Michael Mulenga.