Todays text messages

Bread is staple food


Honourable Given Lubinda, minister of Agriculture, should extend the relaxation of imports to wheat as well. Bread is more like a staple food and its availability in every household must be guaranteed.

Manasseh, Kafue.

 GBM’s threats


GBM should not threaten the Head of State. President Lungu has not committed any crime to deserve that threat. Mwamba should stop his dreams of UPND winning and him becoming Home Affairs minister and should also stop threatening the police.

Oliver Kachepa, Chongwe.

 Maintain parentage clause


Let us maintain the parentage clause. Even tradition recognizes this. You cannot be a chief if you do not belong to the family tree. People like Guy Scott do not belong to the family tree. There is a difference between water and sand. I also do not support dual citizenship. A child is born from one mother and father. Why should we risk the security of our beloved country? “A man who knows no war when he hears weeping, he thinks it is a song”…. goes an adage. Zambians, let us talk about issues of bread and butter.

PM Zulu, Lusaka.

 Sampa should be careful with the cartel


Miles Sampa should be careful with the cartel whose agenda is to bring confusion in this country. They will just use you and forget about you. The fact that you are popular in your constituency does not mean you can be president and win an election, stop dreaming.

WN, Lusaka.

 We need unity


The current challenges we are facing today as a country can only be solved if we unite. Finger- pointing and fault-finding will not help in any way. We need to get together and support President Lungu to move this country forward.

Concernerd citizen.

 Some media houses up to no good


Can the Ndola City council do something about this man by who has been arrested on two occasions for illegally allocating plots and released from police custody? He was found with all sorts of plans/maps, letters of offer but he was surprisingly released. Whose interest is he serving? Why is it that every time he is arrested, he is released from custody?

Kalyuni MM, Ndola.


 Tame your cadres


It’s plain and simple to tell which party is the most violent in Zambia. Why should UPND attack a musician? What has Dandy done to them? Should we also go for Pilato? We always warned you time and again this party will disregard the rule of law once given the mandate to govern this peaceful country. As usual their president is mute. HH tame your cadres.

DL, Lusaka.