Zambia Sugar to double production


A PROJECT to double the production capacity of refined sugar from 40, 000 to 90, 000 tonnes by the Zambia Sugar Company in Mazabuka is underway, says managing director Rebecca Katowa.

Ms Katowa said the new project would ensure that there was no shortage of both brown and White Spoon sugar in the regional and domestic markets.

Speaking at the customers’ open-day 2015 in Mazabuka, Ms Katowa said Zambia Sugar was working on implementing programmes that would ensure success for the company.

“There is a project that is underway; we are actually doubling our capacity of our refined sugar to ensure that the domestic and regional markets are fully supplied,” she said.

Ms Katowa also said the company had faced a few challenges in the quarter which started in April and ends next month.

She said Zambia Sugar experienced an epidemic and pests disease that affected cane.

“We have had a few challenges during the course of the season, for instance an epidemic and pests’ disease that affected the cane.

“We are also experiencing power shortages in the supply area but we can assure you that we are on top of things by implementing ways to ensure sustainability of business,” she said.

Ms Katowa said the company valued the good partnerships it had developed with its customers.

“We believe that we have developed good partnerships with yourselves and the support and confidence you have kept into Zambia Sugar is greatly appreciated,” she said.

Meanwhile, one of the customers Paza Trading Limited director Irshad Ginwalla urged Zambia Sugar to increase production of brown sugar as there was increased demand on the market.

Mr Ginwalla said there was need to provide quality products whilst maintaining sustainability and commitment to community development and encouraging market growth.

He said the current price increase on commodities especially on brown sugar had a direct impact on customers because it was popular and cheap.

“Firms today seek to update and carry out service recovery performance actions to minimize failures and maintain satisfaction,” he said.

Mr Ginwalla appealed to Zambia Sugar to improve packaging of brown sugar as customers faced a lot of damages during transportation.

He however commended Zambia Sugar for its new packaging of sachets, adding that it had attracted new customers.

Mr Ginwalla said service performance could be practiced successfully to contribute to customer satisfaction and enhance loyalty.