Hard beer drinking wife almost divorced

A 27-YEAR-OLD woman was almost divorced in a  Lusaka  local court but was forgiven by her husband after she knelt down before him weeping and promised that she has stopped drinking beer.

This was in a case in which Kaonga Mwaiba, 31, of Kanyama compound sued his wife, Angela Nyambe for divorce.

The two got married in 2009 and have two children.

Mwaiba told Senior court Magistrate Daniel Phiri sitting with Magistrates Ackim Phiri and Sarah Nyendwa at Kanyama Local Court that all was well until when Nyambe started drinking beer and coming home late.

He explained that at one time he beat her when he found her at a drinking place.

In defence, Nyambe said that she loved Mwaiba although he did not provide for the family.

She told the court that if he wanted to give her money for food Mwaiba would first go to Soweto Market to check on the prices so that he would demand change after  she bought foodstuffs.

Nyambe however admitted being found at a drinking place by Mwaiba where she was drinking Chibuku beers and that she was beaten.

Mwabai said  he did not give Nyambe money, because each time he had done so she spent the money on  beers  with other men, adding that  he feared she could  infect him with a disease because of her loose life style.

The court then asked Nyambe to go to Mwabai’s dock and ask for forgiveness.

Nyambe knelt down before Mwabai and wept before promising that she had with immediate effect quit beer drinking and her husband forgave her.

Magistrate Daniel Phiri  advised Nyambe to stop patronizing bars but instead turn to church. He reconciled the couple.