No sacred cows in textbook graft

The investigation into the US$5million text book contract awarded to a Ugandan Company to the exclusion of Zambian publishers should be thoroughly investigated, Chikondi Foundation president Bishop John Mambo has said.

Bishop Mambo noted with sadness that most financial and corruption crimes seems to be difficult for the ACC to probe.

“These investigations should not be window dressing to stop people from asking questions. ACC should be proactive in the fight against any form of corruption in this country because government is losing huge sums of money,” he said.

Bishop Mambo said it was however gratifying that the Commission has informed the people of Zambia that it was seriously probing allegations that had attracted public interest.

He said it was sad that ACC seems to be acting when the public demanded for certain actions to be taken.

“We had Zesco issues and Sino-Hydro contract where the country will pay over US$800 million more to that Kafue Lower Gorge Hydro Power station contract but ACC seems not interested in the matter too. So it is my hope that with their announcement that they have instituted investigations in this matter, they will conclude investigations soon and tell the nation the findings,” said Bishop Mambo.

ACC has commenced investigations into the US$5 million textbook publishing contract awarded to a Ugandan company to the exclusion of Zambian publishers.

ACC public relations manager Timothy Moono has confirmed that investigations commenced after local publishers lodged a formal complaint over the alleged manner the contract was structured.

Mr. Moono could however not give details of the investigation, saying doing so would jeopardise the inquiries that had just been instituted over the matter.