Trainee teachers with months remaining before graduation are among the 5,000 teachers recruited leaving out many graduates, some with superior university degrees.

This has been revealed by the Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) , which has called for an investigation into the matter.

Union public relations officer Joe Kasaka said the union was deeply aggrieved by the manner in which the teacher’s recruitment programme had been handled, because it was riddled with inconsistencies and irregularities. It was incredible, he said,  that some trainee teachers still in college and due to complete their courses this year were recruited, whilst those who completed years back were left out, “we have a lot of teachers that completed some years back and they were not recruited,” Mr Kasaka said. He lamented that the union had received several complaints from members of the public over the recruitment, adding that some teachers were deliberately left out despite having qualifications.

Mr. Kasaka also wondered why the teacher unions were left out in the recruitment process.

“We are even wondering as to why they left us, maybe they could have left because they wanted to do things their own way. Because every time there are doing selections, unions are involved, but this time they said no they’re not going to involved involve us,” he said.

Mr. Kasaka further appealed to the offices of the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) throughout the country to scrutinize the newly recruited teachers and ensure that only teachers with qualifications were recruited.

He said that it was so unfair to leave out people with qualifications and select those who were still in college. He stressed that there were a lot of teachers roaming the streets, yet they had all the qualifications required.

“We are just appealing to the offices of the DEBS throughout the country to see to it that only teachers with qualifications must be recruited and not teachers that are still in college whose year of completion is 2015,”

“If the year of completion is 2015, it means that those people are still in college, so the people that are in college cannot be enrolled, you can’t employ them, unless for sure we don’t have any other person that we can employ,” he said.