Woman ‘baptizes’ hubby with urine for delaying to open for her

A LOCAL Court in Lusaka heard how a wife poured urine on her husband for delaying to open for her when she came home late.

This was heard in Kanyama Local Court in a case in which Miniva Phiri, 33, of Chawama compound sued her husband, Mazuba Mainza, 39, a civilian chef in Zambia Army of Garden House for divorce.

Mainza told the court that Phiri came home around 22.oo hours and that he delayed to open the door for her.

But when he opened the door Phiri was upset and in fury entered the bedroom where she picked up a chamber pot and poured urine on his head.

The two got married in 2010 and have two children.

Phiri told Senior Court Magistrate Daniel Phiri sitting with Magistrates Sarah Nyendwa and Ackim Phiri that all was well until a year later when Mainza started receiving calls from his sisters that he should chase her.

She explained that later Mainza’s older sister came home and told him that Phiri was too old for him and that he should look for a young woman to marry.

Phiri said that they wanted to shift to  Garden House compound in 2012 Mainza’s sisters got upset and accused her of planning to kill him.

The sisters then got Mainza and he did not spend the night in matrimonial home.

The following day Mainza came with a canter and got property all his property but came after her a week later.

“In September Mainza chased me from the matrimonial home after his sisters accused me of causing the death of his mother who was against our marriage,” said Phiri.

In defence, Mainza said that Phiri drank too much beer and had no respect for him.

Mainza said that he wanted to divorce her because if that urine she poured him was hot oil he was going to be burnt.

Magistrate Daniel Phiri said that Phiri did not challenge Mainza on beer drinking, on  late home coming and lack of respect for Mainza.

He granted the couple divorce ordering Mainza to compensate Phiri with K3000 by initial payment of K1000 followed by monthly installments of K250 and to be paying children maintenance fee of K400 per month. Property acquired together to be shared equally.

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