PF has no opposion in 2016-Chama


PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davis Chama says the ruling party has no competitor in next year’s general elections.

Addressing PF members in Munali constituency on Saturday, Mr. Chama said the PF will emerge victorious because there was no opposition in Zambia.

Mr. Chama said all opposition political parties were being led by  people who had no clue of governance issues.

He said it was imperative that all members of the PF mobilized now in order to prepare for a showdown next year.

“There is no opposition in Zambia. Honestly, where did you see Mulongoti (Mike) holding a meeting to mobilise members? Where did you see Mulongoti with his members? Mulongoti has no branches,” said Mr. Chama. Mr. Chama said the PF was the only progressive political party in the history of the country, adding that Zambians have seen massive development under the PF’s four-year rule.

He said it was the main reason why the people  should vote for President Edgar Lungu and the PF in next year’s elections.

“We have done better in developing this country. We don’t need to fight with jokers, all we need to do is to tell them that look at what we have done on this road. Look we have opened Zambia to new developmental process and even those in the so-called opposition have known new areas because of the PF.

‘‘UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema can today go to Chipata and within five hours he will be there because of the good road nextwork the PF Government has provided.

‘‘Hichilema can go to insult us in Namwala within a few hours because the road from Choma to Namwala has been done and Government is yet to start the construction of the 78 kilometer Monze-Niko road,” said Mr. Chama. Mr. Chama, who received defectors from UPND, NAREP, FDD and MMD, said the PF was a growing family which did not need introduction in Zambian politics.

“We don’t need to introduce ourselves because we are in Government. We have what it takes to be where we are here today.

‘‘We were in the opposition for 10 years and after that we formed government but look  at our friends, those calling themselves popular party today, they have been in the opposition longer than us and they cannot show anything,” he said.

He said the PF would not choose who to work with, saying all those who believed in the leadership of President Lungu were welcome to  be party of the winning team.

2 thoughts on “PF has no opposion in 2016-Chama

  1. Davies Chama continue day dreaming .You think zambians will eat roads when unemployment has sky rocketed under your poor leadership everything is expensive because of your poor leadership cost doing business has gone up due load shedding this is as a result of your poor leadership high food prices because of your poor leadership corruption is abound in PF government and who doesn’t know that these roads you pompously talk about are not going to last because they are cheaply built. The huge euro bond loan (money) you got ended up in your pockets. Just continue day dreaming Davies .By the we have continued ignoring these rantings you make on our understanding that you’re are a minor in politics. Only Edgar Lungu is seeing value in you and by the way you have cost him serious political injuries

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