Zambia’s cattle industry bright, says ZAMBEEF

ZAMBIA has a massive opportunity to grow her cattle population from the present 3.5 to 14 million, says Zambeef joint chief executive officer Francis Grogan.

Mr Grogan said once Zambia did that it would greatly improve on its beef production and processing for both local and regional markets.

He was speaking in Chisamba on Thursday when a group of visiting Finnish ambassadors from sub-Saharan Africa visited ZAmbeef Huntley farm to familiarize themselves with its operation.

Mr Grogan said to do that all what Zambia needed was to put in place top-flight management to ensure high quality production.

He said Zambia was the only country in the region which was self-sufficient in food, which was a major plus for the country.

“But now the country needs to produce more for export in the SADC bloc. There is massive opportunity for both small and commercial farmers to produce for the regional markets including DR Congo which is tailor-made to be fed by Zambia,” said Mr Grogan

He  told the visitors that in the last 20 years Zambia had made huge leaps in agriculture which had culminated into self-sufficiency.

“Zambia has a huge potential in agriculture because the climate is good and this can go a long way in bettering her economy,” he aid

On the performance of the firm’s leather sector, Mr Grogan said the prices have fallen drastically in the last few months because big importers  like China, South Africa and Europe who were major markets for Zambian leather had cut down on their orders.

During the tour of the farm, beef manager Abdulla Lunati agreed with Mr Grogan that the outlook of Zambia’s  cattle industry was positive despite challenges of high prices of stock feeds, especially  shortage of maize bran, the main raw material.