Nevers Mumba still aloof-Sinyangwe


 MMD president Nevers Mumba should stop lying to Zambians that he has reconciled with other members of the former ruling party, MMD national chairperson for women Fostina Sinyangwe has said.

Ms. Sinyangwe said the statement by Dr Mumba that he had reconciled with everyone in the party was inaccurate.

She said that it was disgraceful for Dr. Mumba lie to the Zambian people that all was well in the MMD, when he still harboured grudges with other members.

“That is not a true picture of how things are. Dr. Mumba has not reconciled with anyone, he has continued with being what he is, doing what he wants and going against the constitution. He should be sincere with himself, if he is called a man of God, then he should tell the truth,” Ms. Sinyangwe said.

She stated that there was nothing good to boast about the party, adding that it was still stagnant.

Ms. Sinyangwe charged that Dr. Mumba had brought nothing, but confusion and division to the party.

She alleged that Dr. Mumba had destroyed the MMD, stressing that he had continued doing things his own way.

“He has just caused division and disunity in the party, he has continued to fire people unconstitutionally, which is not right, the truth of the matter is that, he has just destroyed the party,”

“That’s why we have taken the case to court so that at the end of the day we know how we are going to run the party,” she said.

Ms. Sinyangwe encouraged MMD members countrywide not to despair, saying that there was hope for the party to survive.

“I want to use this opportunity to inform our members where ever they are countrywide not be moved by the lies that people are coming to tell them, we will give instruction at the right time on what to do, there is still hope for the party,” she said.